UFO Conjectures

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Reality, Consciousness, and UFOs

Those of you reading here (and me too) have no idea what “reality” is, nor do we have a grasp on what “consciousness” is either.

We have some thoughts about each, but no one I know (or know about) has any idea what the reality of reality or consciousness is.

And while we concentrate, here, on UFOs, in the context of reality and consciousness, we are assaulted by a few who try to tell us that UFOs are as ephemeral as reality or consciousness, and some even go so far as to say that UFOs do not exist and have never existed, a view that is syntactic madness, and logic gone berserk.

All we can do, we UFO buffs, is try to understand the UFO phenomenon as it exists in our reality, our consciousness, setting aside, sometimes, other exigencies of intellectual curiosity.

That means we have to pull apart, forensically, old and new UFO “reports” to see if any have clues to what the core “reality” of the phenomenon is.

We can’t dismiss the topic because a few fevered skeptics would have us leave the matter aside, something they have done cerebrally is seems, for who knows what psychological reason.

UFOs (and “ufology,” that wayward sobriquet) are a pastime for most of you visiting here.

It’s a lighthearted assault on something in the social milieu, mostly from our younger lives that we can’t shake loose from (and that, itself, is grist for psychological evaluation).

So, while I’m happy to indulge the manic mannerisms of wild-eyed and mad (angry and/or insane) skeptics, I’ll continue to probe the UFO mythos (and “reality”) as if it were as important as “reality and consciousness” itself.

After all, what else do I (or you) have to do that is more important, except to live as if our lives have meaning, which is another matter that is open to discussion, no?

N.B. Image above from dreamcatcherreality.com