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Friday, December 02, 2016

A Ufological Brouhaha

Isaac Koi is a long-time ufologist, a barrister in England who uses his nom de plume to keep his legal profession separate from his UFO work.
Ted Roe, of the International UFO Congress, seems to have had some disagreement with Isaac and outed the barrister, jeopardizing Isaac’s professional career.
Isaac announced, on Facebook, that he will be dropping out of the UFO community, which would be a real loss, as those of you familiar with his efforts over the years (archiving old and new UFO publication and materials for free access by UFO buffs) know.

The disclosure of Isaac Koi’s real identity is a kindless act, that is horrendous ufologically as it removes one of ufology’s key players and an all-around good person who has served the UFO community for many years, asking nothing in return.

The outpouring on Facebook has favored Isaac, and excoriated Mr. Roe.

The matter is ongoing and I’ll provide more as it becomes available. Why? Because Isaac Koi is a “friend” and a man of distinct ethical behavior, whether in ufology or life itself.