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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Earthlings are alone (unique) among the alleged Universe's aliens (ETs)

The book pictured here, The Creative Ice Age Brain: Cave Art in the Light of Neuroscience by Barbara Olins Alpert [Foundation 20 21, 2008] fascinates for many reasons.

But, for this blog, its intent is to show, as Professor Denis Vialou writes in the Preface, that early mankind’s evolution is unique to Earth and “Hominids marked by bipedalism” [3 million years ago] evolved to the “genus Homo [and] was marked by encephalisation”  and “the principal anatomical difference between early man and anatomically modern man or sapiens, is the skull.” [xii]

Professor Vialou  commends Ms. Alper’s work for showing that an “unfathomable creative diversity [has been generated] in an unbroken chain from prehistory to our own day.” [xiii]

I’ve dealt with, at another blog of mine, the artistic ramifications of Ms. Alpert’s magnificent observations.

For here, I’m stressing that human evolution, as expressed by way of prehistoric and/or primitive art, confirms that humankind is unique in a significant way and that intercession by alleged alien life forms (extraterrestrials) as advocated by some is wrong-headed in a great way.

Ms. Alpert writes “We may gain access to the imagination of humankind at the moment of creation of the first known art, and we may, as a corollary, be closer to understanding the source of the creative spark that is a singularity of our species.” [xxiii]

AA theorists will say the “source of the creative spark” came from alien species visiting the Earth in the earliest of time.

But Ms. Alpert shows that “the creative spark” came upon humankind in diverse places and seems to be an ingredient of early man’s neurocognitive brain.

That is, no one “implanted” the idea to draw or create art; it stems from an evolving brain process that is unique to humans, early and late.

 Art on cave walls eventually led to artistic endeavors off walls, such as the creation of standing art; i.e., sculptures, and building of artifacts, such as walls, pyramids, temples, et cetera.

I’ll be showing, in future postings here, that “the creative art brain” has led to our technological advances which could only happen here, and that supposed alien live forms coming here would not, could not, have evolved in a similar manner to that of Earthlings.

Again, AA theorists will try to say that extraterrestrials manipulated early mankind’s DNA and cognitive brain, but I resort to Ms. Alpert’s singular evaluation that prehistoric man developed the ability to create in far too many locations, under extreme conditions that would require a super-alien, visiting life form unreasonable access to all early hominids, in far too many places to achieve the evolutionary changes that early cave art indicates.

Humans arose and evolved in an environment that is unique. No other planet would evolve like Earth, no matter how much one might try to stretch the idea that other planets are like Earth. It just isn’t the case, and if there were a planet that had similar or like geographical, meteorological, geological processes, does it seem likely that such creatures as we are imbued with here on Earth would evolve and  travel here to spread or create, in situ, their creative Frankenstein-like species?

That idea is intellectual madness.


Pain in the Arse!

I have a few readers who visit this blog to complain about its content and me.

I understand, but they would do well to get their own houses in order.

One hates that I put such a stress on book-reading while he thinks that his collection of internet links is sufficient for edification.

I agree that some internet sites, such as Wikipedia, are often terribly helpful, and I just donated some cash to Wikipedia in its plea for user help.

But the prevalent obsession with “fake news” should offer caution for those touting their online gatherings.

I’m well aware that most UFO buffs are ill-read, certainly in the humanities, and devoid of an intellectualized sub-base, as one readily sees with many of the commentators and pundits on UFO-oriented channels (Destination America, Science, History, et cetera).

When someone inserts an internet link to provide support for their belief or idea, I’m quick, as you are, to dispense with their comment. Shrugging past it to read something from a person who has a patina of education and book learning.
[Cartoon, at top, from susanssunnyside.blogspot.com]


Ufology: The Struggle for Relevance (Attention)

The Anomalist isn’t fond of the idea that UFOs are a dying or dead issue in human society.

The desperate tries to keep UFOs on the front burner of societal issues became futile long ago and, as I keep bemoaning here. UFOs are clutched by a dogged few who think, delusionally, that UFOs and Ufology are still at the forefront of mankind’s interest.

One need only to read commentary at UFO blogs and web-sites.

UFO buffs strive to delve into old cases, such as the 1976 Iranian encounter or even the mouldering 1947 Roswell incident.

Lengthy bromides to solve non-solvable UFO cases of old (Socorro and Rendlesham among them) are not only tiresome but absurd.

Yet, a silly few keep inserting “methodologies” for resolving or explaining old UFO cases.

The UFO phenomenon is, as a topic of interest to sane human beings, deader than a doornail.

I know some of you reading here disagree, but those disagreeing are deluded even mad (in the “insane” sense and angry) that someone, like me, would keep parading the UFOs are Dead mantra, while putting stuff about them online.

I know my own insanity, my delusional affection for UFOs.

But I’m afraid others of you aren’t cognizant of your obtuse obsession.

Yes, ongoing interest in UFOs is seemingly harmless, but often detrimental, as is the case with a popular “broadcasting” ufologist, who has sunk into publicized poverty, embarrassing himself and his wife and other UFO buffs by association.

The ongoing disease of ufological obsession is located at the fringe of human activity so, in that regard, it’s harmless, but at the personal level it’s debilitating and unless you who disagree accept that assessment, you’ll end up down and out, like a few who have already given up their lives for “things seen in the sky” which are as potty as fool’s gold.