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Sunday, December 18, 2016

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The Lack of Stamina and Inquisitiveness in Ufological “Research”

I see that another reprise of the Roswell-missing-Mogul-balloon discussion has erupted at my pal Kevin Randle’s blog, between him and French UFO skeptic Gilles Fernandez.
When I saw it, my silent mind said, “For Christ’s sake, not again.”

Yes, I, too, keep re-iterating the same themes over and over again, but only because none have been really addressed by my readers, like Kevin’s readers do when he posts something.

This is one of the problems with “ufology” besides its inherent madness and delusion.

No one gets to the bottom of things. They merely skirt matters, skating atop a mystery with bombastic claims and pretend information [fake news!].

For instance, can’t someone finally resolve the missing Mogul balloon imbroglio?

David Rudiak thinks he has, as does Kevin. But they haven’t. Nor has Gilles.

It remains an open question apparently. And drives “sane” UFO buffs crazy with its continual resurrection in UFO circles.

It’s a non-matter after all. The Air Force use of Mogul as an explanation for the Roswell incident is iffy or worse: disinformation.

The Roswellian ET believers trying to debunk the AF’s Mogul tripe are wasting their time on the non-matter. It’s an easy assault, while what really happened at Roswell sits encrusted by lying witnesses and UFO “researchers” too lazy or too unimaginative to find new Roswell material that has been hidden or forgotten amidst the Roswell clutter of foolishness and botched research since 1978.

And, I’ve suggested that a real UFO researcher might seek out Paul Trent’s son who is still alive and privy to his father’s photographing of the (in)famous McMinnville UFO.

He’s the kid on the ladder in the LIFE array of Trent photos taken shortly after the event:
And what about Frank Mannor’s son, who was with his father and saw the Ann Arbor “swamp gas” UFO? He’s still alive and living near his old homestead where he and his dad saw a UFO.

There are more, many more UFO escapades that could be examined if “ufologists” got off their asses and looked for answers instead of traipsing to Roswell for conventions or other UFO venues thinking that that’s “research.”

It’s pathetic, ufology that is, and many of it’s practitioners (me among them).