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Monday, January 09, 2017

60 Minutes and Artificial Intelligent Drones

I hope some of you, here in the States, saw CBS' 60 Minutes segment Sunday night [1/8/17] that provided an in-depth look at MIT's creation of AI drones for the U.S. military.

The clips above show the drones surrounding military aircraft, without human intervention, and a clip of the drones in the air that mock the 1952 Newhouse/Tremonton , Utah "things' filmed by Warrart Officer Newhouse.

Now I'm not implying that Newhouse filmed U.S. drones but I am implying that maybe Newhouse filmed drones from "elsewhere" that intruded upon American airspace, and have for many years, even doing so now.

The other point I'm making is that the U.S. military admits that its drones have the ability to kill humans without human direction: the drones make the decision to kill on their own using AI algorithms. And those algorithms are already in place.

The "warnings" about AI, offered by various tech and scientific gurus [Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Nick Bostrom, et al.], seem particularly prescient.



  • First thought that came to mind was, after the AI drones, have gone through the military protocols, could the drones, make a "kill mistake?"...

    For example: [Other planes}... Radio out, Strayed off course, Fire, Terrorist, Bird-strike, Engine failure, NO PILOT?...Frightening stuff! but what if?

    Would we just file it in, with Planes that have disappeared, never to be seen again!?.............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, January 09, 2017  

  • No, Daniel...

    The algorithms don't allow "mistakes" -- Artificial intelligence machines are infallible.

    That's why the Roswell incident is a non-event.....flying disks from elsewhere can't crash.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, January 09, 2017  

  • LOL:)... One would like to believe that, but we shall see:)...The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable once. They all said, she cannot sink. We all know what happened.

    The 1947 Roswell incident, you refer to, was suggested; brought down by radar. A microwave transmission, scrambling the working order of the craft, out of control, thus, crashing! that's the report given! Another report, was it might have been struck by lightning! So none of us really know, and never will, it is so long ago
    it really doesn't matter any more, and is, lacking in evidence & interest............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, January 09, 2017  

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