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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Facing reality: the UFO dilemma

There comes a time when delusion (and madness) must be set aside.

And the delusional madness of which I write is the UFO madness.

Once it was “cute” to be interested in UFOs and flying saucers, but those days and that “cuteness” are long gone.

The mysterious “phenomenon” – whether a figment of the imagination, a real phenomenon, a contrived hoax, or any other kind of “reality” – has reached the nadir of its value to human society.

UFOs don’t factor in to human existence, and never really did. UFOs and flying disks have always been a fringe topic and a trivial aspect of human history.

One can see the riven condition of ufology, that pseudo-practice that has smothered the enigmatic appearance of odd “somethings” seen in the sky and often on the ground.

UFOs are now only the haven for nostalgic geezers who became attuned to the Sci-Fi patina of the observed “somethings” while in their youth and now do not have the gumption to see that they and their wistful adolescent fixation no longer matters.

Many of my “friends” in the UFO community have actually abandoned their obsession for UFOs, deriving attention and belonging within the confines of Facebook and Twitter.

They rarely contribute within a ufological venue, opting to be adorned by fawning sycophants who slobber over their mundane activities that have nothing to do with UFOs or anything of substance.

Then there are the absolutely “mad” ravings of those who still harbor a hope that UFOs are the vanguard of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, a fantasy that is so blatantly irrational that it borders on psychopathology.

Yes, there are some niggling elements within UFO lore that intrigue (even to me) but to set aside one’s existent and necessary proclivities to pursue UFOs to the detriment of normal behavioral life is sheer madness. And not to recognize that as madness is a folly that belies common sense; that obtrudes on intelligent wherewithal.

Some of you reading this will depart as visitors here, but that is no great loss, as most of you do not contribute or participate in any meaningful way, here or anywhere else for that matter.

UFOs are as dead as the hula hoop or any other fad that sprouted in the last decades of the Twentieth Century.

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  • Well some of us are simply moving on...even a skeptic like me who sees no more value in looking at old and/or new cases. For me, it was initially fun to go back in time and relive my time in the Air Force and apply that experience to the cases that were of interest to me. I've accomplished those sets of goals and I'm satisfied with the results.

    But now its time for some of us to move on. The theme of UFOs tends to be a psychological albatross hanging around the necks of believers and skeptics...keeping us away from doing more important and satisfying projects, ie, living a fulfilling life for one.

    I wish you well with this blog. I see that even Kevin Randle is making what appears to be a retrograde movement away from the Roswell ET hypothesis.

    UFOs are the windmills of past generations of Don Quixotes.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, January 10, 2017  

  • Tim:

    You understand the situation perfectly.

    This blog is, for me, the left-over scraps of my interest in the phenomenon. (I have other fish I'm frying.)

    The Freudian wish-fulfillment of the UFO/ETH crowd has become tiresome, I'm sorry to say.

    A few years ago, UFOs still had a breath of invigoration but no longer. The vibrant UFO buffs have left the building.

    (I'm going to insert some recent comments left for old postings of mine -- 2006 and 2011 -- that are absolutely aberrant, insane even. They were the convincing elements that told me the topic has become delusional.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 10, 2017  

  • A scathing comment you make, Rich! I think you have just cleared the room, letting the coin fall, where it may. There have been, interesting comments on this Blog of yours, even your own, Rich! and yes, not always agreed with, OR for the others, for that matter, but that is the choice of free will, not delusional madness, or insane as you make out, to be. It is no wonder, that some of your readers are put off, from commenting. You, yourself, contribute to this, distastefully!! So what you have is curious, skeptical, uneasy, readers, not commenting. Disappointing as that may be....

    By Blogger Daniel, at Tuesday, January 10, 2017  

  • Daniel:

    That some readers here don't comment goes to the sorry state of the UFO topic.

    That no one will challenge my ravings, if they believe that UFOs are ET oriented or important goes to the heart of my citing apathy and foolishness that has engulfed the "mystery" killing it as relevant in the process.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 10, 2017  

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