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Saturday, January 28, 2017

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  • Well, it is!...might be the real answer, and those whom, do not accept this, are in denial of the possibility. After all, We are here! where did we come from? aside from what you have been taught to believe, "if it is true"..............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, January 28, 2017  

  • Look at the variety of different nations, around this planet of mankind, where did they came from? History tells us, "part of the story" but not all of it!? Has the rest
    been lost in time?...millions of years!?...Where did mankind really came from? We don't know, but I ponder the thought in cosideration,of the above statement..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, January 28, 2017  

  • Make your point Daniel....


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, January 28, 2017  

  • Christianity, takes us back some,6000yrs, to the first two Humans: "Adam & Eve" right?

    Archaeology,on the other hand,takes us back millions of years,and in some cases billions of years.

    Hidden Archaeology, is suppressed, from main streem, because it dose not correlate or match, with the general archaeological dicoveries, that make up our history, as we understand it today.For more information on this,you can Google... "Hidden Archaeology"

    Whats my point?...Something doesn't make sense, doesn't add up.If hidden archaeology is suppressed from us,what is it,they doen't whant us to know?

    Could it be, that the human race comes from elsewhere? as the statement above might imply,..is my point in question.................

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, January 28, 2017  

  • Let's assume humans were "seeded" Daniel, from elsewhere.

    I still don't see your point.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 29, 2017  

  • OK Rich,

    Quote from the statement above reads; [If an advanced civilisation existed at any place in this galaxy, at any point in the past 13.8 billion years, why isn't it everywhere? Even if it moved slowly, it would only need something like .01 percent of the Universe's lifespan to be everywhere. So why isn't it?]

    Well why shouldn't life be every where in this galaxy,"IF" an advanced civilisation existed at any place, in this galaxy?...

    My first comment covered that, in my opinion, as a suggestion! not a fact!

    The statement above, ends with a question, that I not necessarily agree with, but we know you do. That's fine! We can still share opinions, I hope.................

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, January 29, 2017  

  • Thanks, Daniel....

    Questions, generally, don't provide much in the way of content.

    I was hoping for a position statement, which you have almost provided.

    Where do you think humans came from? And how?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 29, 2017  

  • My thoughts on those two questions, Rich, and very interesting questions, go way back in time.I think mankind has been on this planet, for far longer that history tells us.

    Hidden Archaeology, has shown this! but main stream archaeology dictates the terms of history, in its findings.

    My understanding is: Civilization like we have today, goes back millions of years, not thousands, and that we today, are the result of a Hybridization, from a civilization that had migrated to planet Earth, a very long time ago, and on top of that, some 6000yrs. ago, Hybridization was upgraded to "NEW HUMANS" called Adam & Eve! so here we all are as a result, and you all know the rest, its in your Bible! and having said all this,it is important to remember, that the Bible was not written by God, as we have been taught, it was written by man (Scolars) perhaps with Gods guidance!? Think about that...

    What has any of this to do with UFO you might ask?:) Well, the powers that be, need transport..simple.................

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, January 29, 2017  

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