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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Madness and madness: the state of ufology (an update or clarification)

Two comments received for this blog. This first (received just a few days ago) for a 2011 posting about Howard Hughes and Socorro”

and speaking about area 51 Texas findings on spying on area 51 Texas black box on the moratos labs wok for the arm force most wanted information for the first time area 51 Texas galaxy head quarters arrest on these word for spying on empty alien buildings the person most wanted is chato son i'm sure is on Elvis Presley orphan work for world vision these person is a north tiger recorded to be busted for driving the united states and area 51 texas to ask why they are doing that questions from are 51 tecas to the busted on the federal government for causing the great dipreshien 2 times one end it by 1971 started on the 1960's i'm sure they also call the united states arm force maybe the moratos to visit utah for secret work. some work can be found on the confession on the limp by-skit for attacking means to be on the security pro strode unit on salt also city Utah there is more information on the federal government or utah government or on the arm force maybe they are also security pro morato an for sure they are north tiger morato also these is aliens record to merry binladen to stop all attacks against them and because they have problems maybe try them also because it ws a war then also only that these north tigers are no good and no one know the real look binladen cam it be only by attacks we can tell because is recorded on the moratos also these store unit was also biography or maybe or 99 story.

these aliens are know to have Utah attack each other arm force recordings they do it a lot. like hundred of Utah population attacking each other or attacking the general population each pother just utah.the arm force is different 

we have report they do these and when is reason the only one why they have phone codes and more. Utah population is busted.” 

And this for a 2016  posting by me about the state of ufology; one of my ongoing rants about the condition of the UFO topic:

I am always amused when 21st century American observers offers their viewpoints on 19th century European culture. As always, these observations tend to show the limits of the percipient more than offering a concise view of what 19th century European culture exactly was in all its richness and diversity.

There are so many vectors that need to be included - details the first generations of enthusiastic ufologists missed for a number of reasons. Jung, for instance, was a mere dilettante, one of those countless dreaming souls spawn forth from a dying Vienna, a city I once visited. Through the American counterculture Jung won stature - but we, the Europeans, have not forgotten his dances with fire - his Aryan abyss of yore. As we have not forgotten that Vienna gave birth to Freud, Klimt, but also Hitler.

Connect to that the stupor and laziness of the US hobby-ufologist who hasn't conducted any original research into the old waves since they were first discovered and formulated by the hard work of the 1960's ufologists, and we can see where the whole debate quickly becomes derailed. Old models, old data, old combinations, creating erroneous theories.

Contradictio in terminis: these theories are moulded to suit preferred preconceptions and are not driven by any original investigation to clear the way. 

A simple observation: the still clinging to the dogma of the canonical waves of old, i.e. 1896-1897, 1930's, 1946. These so-called waves - if they were that - were formulated in the 1960's. No update since then has reached the debate - where researchers have done so much to correct these old-fashioned viewpoints.”

Now I ask you, what is the first commentary about? You tell me.

And the second from a brilliant fellow who dislikes my approach, mostly the accent on old cases without any new “research” I presume.

Yes, but has the commentator, himself, done any new “research” into the UFO phenomenon?

I don’t think so. I haven’t seen any. But he points his finger at my admittedly limp speculations while offering nothing of substance himself about UFOs, past or present.

That’s what I’m complaining about: the madness in the first example and the florid apathy of the second, disguising itself as substantive, yet nowhere near so.

This is the state of “ufology” and the overwhelming UFO milieu nowadays, mad (in the insane sense) and mad (in the angry sense).

I have seen no responses, here or anywhere in the UFO universe, that are worthy of erudite rejoinder(s).

Even my pal Kevin Randle’s blog is sidelined by inane commentary that is so vapid as to be profoundly evanescent.

And look at the commentary at other popular UFO blogs or web-sites . They are replete with banality and worthless dialectic.

That’s the state of “ufology” nowadays, befuddled by fools and betrayed by deserters to Facebook, where everyone has a voice but no one has a sensible thought in his or her head.



  • OK, We now have a clearer understanding, of what your on about, and can sympathize with what you have pointed out. That's people for you! A crazy mix, yeah?

    You know, Rich, "Disclosure" would stop all this argy-bargy:)...

    You might even hear a pin drop:)..............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, January 11, 2017  

  • I think, Rich, that people start off with good intentions, until pride & indignation, get in the way, then the talk goes to hell in a hand-basket. This only shows the lack of self control, and the lack of maturity, in my opinion. Age groups, might have something to do with it, a mixed bunch all thinking individually, they are right! some maybe, some may not be correct,who would know? Misunderstandings can even make it more difficult to converse, ending up with the wrong comment:)I don't know, Rich, best to stay out of it.You know the old saying...

    "Birds of one feather, flock together"

    Best you stay with the Eagles, Rich? SHARP EYED:)............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, January 12, 2017  

  • That first commentary was, um, automatic writing? Under the influence of something? (And some say that reading William Burroughs is challenging..)
    Seriously, it seems to me at least, that a "typical" UFO enthusiast today is a believer who´s stuck with his/her opinions, hopes and wishful thinking, someone who really doesn´t want to do any research but only to prove that he´s right. They don´t even seem to know that much about UFO history, just what fits to their beliefs.
    Like this whole Disclosure thing. It´s like the end of the world, always coming but never arrives. (But hey, Obama has still almost a week to make it!) What I find funny is that what I´ve found out is that there´s been talk of "disclosure" at least from the end of the seventies (Close Encounters of the Third Kind was supposedly made to prepare us for the existence of aliens...right), probably earlier. But ask a true believer and it´s coming...and soon!


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Friday, January 13, 2017  

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