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Friday, January 06, 2017

Our follower/reader Daniel’s view of reality

A Letter to the Editor in the January 19th, 2017 New York Review of Books, which I cited in a recent piece on quantum mechanics, from Clinton James about a review of Anthony Gottlieb’s The Dream of Enlightenment [NYB, 9/29/16] by Thomas Nagel strikes at the ontological status of quantum mechanics.

Mr. James writes, “ … an ontology of the reality of different perspectives or the infinity of different realities, along the lines of Spinoza and Leibniz may continue to survive in the very heart of physical theory.” [Page 66]

Earlier in his letter Mr. James noted “that modern physics, specifically quantum mechanics, can only be interpreted as a theory of a materialistic, Hobbesian naturalism.”

Thomas Nagel replied, ending his missive with this:

“ … there is no more to reality than our observations (a form of idealism) and with the view that, although there is an underlying physical reality that actually explains the observations, a different or extended theory is needed to explain it.” [ibid, Page 66]

Daniel insists that reality consists of what we experience and observe, which is a sensible view but only a patina of reality, as evidenced by the reports and tales of Nick Redfern, The Anomalist, et al.



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