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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The great internet maw: the loss of your UFO material

Pretty much everyone thinks stuff showing up on the web, the internet, is here eternally, and will be accessible well into the future.

It won't be.

When Blogger is eliminated by Google, and it will be, rather soon some media outlets have reported, this blog and everyone else’s will be gone.

Why? Blogger is on Google’s servers and when those servers are put out of service or destroyed in a catastrophe, what is on them (what was on them) will be gone.

In Facebook’s case, material is deleted from FB’s servers when a member deletes their account, as noted in this link HERE.

But beyond an individual’s account, like Google, if Facebook’s servers go down or disappear, and they will one day, all that is on them, all that was on them, will go into an internet black hole.

And the great maw will occur eventually, as the internet, itself, disappears one day, taking its content  with it, as speculated in the black hole information paradox.

Try capturing something once touted on MySpace. It’s no longer available.

For some of us, what we’ve transposed via Blogger will appear somewhere on the internet, during the internet’s life, but what we’ve all added to Facebook or Instagram or Tumblr, Wix, Wordpress et al. will be gone much sooner than that.

UFO books and material on paper will last longer, even after an nuclear attack, as in the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough at Last with Burgess Meredith:
However, that will disappear, too, one day.

For now, inserting one’s memorial UFO writings on Facebook is much iffier that putting them forth via a web-site or a blog, but nothing is forever, is it?



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