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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Villas Boas Symbol

While scouring the Time-Life book, pictured here, I found a piece on the 1957 Villas Boas “abduction” which I was told, (and have recounted several times here and elsewhere and which Nick Refern has detailed in several of his books and his online offerings) by AID/CIA operative Bosco Nedelcovic, was a military psy-op event.
Nedelcovic was a fellow who contacted me in the 1970s, ostensibly, to underwrite his Basic Livelihood operation , a kind of communal living community.

I don’t know why or how I came to his attention, although there were newspaper accounts of my funding of various inventive ideas, and I do have an extensive FBI file from my John Birch Society affiliation and other activities, which he may have gotten access to.

Bosco send me hundreds of missives, some of which are pictured here (left in a larger scan so you can see that they are actually from him):
I didn’t know about his CIA connection until I read a synopsis on UFO Updates in 2006 or so about his connection to a child abuse allegation and his CIA credentials.

There has been some dispute about his AID credentials. I’ve scanned one of his address returns, behind which is, perhaps, his South American address or AID address, which confirms that he was, indeed, there, but when, exactly, I do not know.
My point here is to show that Villas Boas, no matter what happened to him, provided a symbol (unknown by me up to now) that he allegedly saw in the vehicle (craft) to which he was taken, said by Nedelcovic to be a military helicopter but reported as a flying saucer or space craft by investigators of the purported abduction.

Here is the symbol, my primary interest at the moment.
This supposed symbol, along with the Lonnie Zamora/Socorro symbol, both, if valid, might provide a clue as to who or what were involved in the two incidents.

For more on the Nedelcovic psy-op story, use Google .

My early on presentation of the phone call and our investigation of the material told to me by Nedelcovic was lost when we cancelled our Homestead UFO web-site, but I still have the documentation and can replace it online here for anyone who might be interested in seeing it.

But I suggest Nick’s Contactees book for a detailed rendering.



  • According to Nedelcovic, mind-manipulated Villas Boas was not taken onto a UFO, but aboard a helicopter. While some might find this unlikely, consider the following and read it very carefully. They are Villas Boas’ own, unaltered words, concerning the craft he claimed he was taken aboard.

    The object was “...like a large elongated egg...on the upper part of the machine there was something which was revolving at great speed and also giving off a powerful reddish light.”

    Then, when the encounter was over and his ET babe dumped him, the UFO rose “...slowly into the air until it had reached a height of some 30 to 50 meters...The whirring noise of the air being displaced became much more intense and the revolving dish began to turn at a fearful speed…At that moment, the machine suddenly changed direction, with an abrupt movement, making a louder noise, a sort of ‘beat.'”

    To me a “large elongated egg”-shaped object, atop which say a “dish”-like structure that was “revolving at great speed,” and that made a sound described as “a sort of beat,” does indeed sound like a near-perfect description of the body, fast-spinning rotor-blades, and noise commonly associated with a helicopter. But not with a UFO.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, January 04, 2017  

  • There is a known association between alien crafts and the unexplained appearance of black, unidentified helicopters, almost as if the crafts are able to shape-shift into the helicopter form. Perhaps Villas Boas observed such a shape-shifting event.

    By Blogger SilverStone, at Thursday, January 05, 2017  

  • SilverStone...

    I'd rather accept the idea that Boas was seduced by CIA/military operatives than a shape-shifting UFO, but your idea is not without some interest.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, January 05, 2017  

  • I actually have quite a few reports of the so-called phantom helicopters shape-shifting (usually into balls of light), which is very weird, even by my standards!

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Thursday, January 05, 2017  

  • We have heard of this shape-shifting, of craft too, Silverstone, and you do make an interesting point, but who could know:)..someone does. Maybe the CIA/military operatives:).............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, January 05, 2017  

  • 1957 was squarely within the time frame of the CIA's MK Ultra program, but "abducting" a Brazilian farmer by helicopter does sound like a pretty unlikely aspect of the program. There is at least enough similarity between the Villas-Boas symbol and the Socorro symbol to provide food for thought. It would be an interesting experiment (if it hasn't already been done) to ask several thousand adults from across all cultures to draw a couple of samples of their idea as to what an "alien symbol" on an "alien craft" might look like. The Villas-Boas symbols strike me as remarkably simple and unusual for a Brazilian farmer in 1957 trying to dream up alien symbols off the top of his head.

    By Blogger LBP, at Friday, January 06, 2017  

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