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Sunday, January 29, 2017

UFO stuff

I'm going through my UFO collection of UFO material and everything else I've collected about the topic over the years including thousands of newspaper clippings my mother (rest her soul) gathered from newspapers and magazines and saved and sent to me, wherever I was: England, Canada, Florida, et cetera.

(I promised this stuff to Frank Warren, but since we seem to have had a falling out, I have to find another UFO radical to, eventually, give this collection to....)

Here's the outstanding LOOK magazine on the UFO phenomenon. It contains the array of  the UFO milieu in 1967 and should be a must for anyone who wants to see the vibrancy of the UFO topic back then:
I'm sure you can find copies on eBay or other internet venues. I highly recommend this sojourn into the UFO era, when the mysterious phenomenon was topical and full of life, in media and with the public.



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