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Saturday, January 14, 2017

UFOs from the Nook and Cranny File(s)

I have a number of UFO books that I scan for posting material here, as you know.

What surprises me, even at this late stage of my UFO interest, is how many different and unique flying saucer and UFO tales have been recorded, from the past and into the modern era, 1945 onward.

How can this be, if UFOs don’t exist, or are hallucinatory, or Earth-made, or are an unnatural phenomenon?

(I rule out the ET explanation, as you know. It’s absurd, even though I accept the possibility that some UFO sightings might be of AI machines probing the Universe and occasionally [sic] showing up here.)

And what about all those alleged and recorded encounters with creatures, beings, or humanoids, that I find fascinating. Can they all be the product of psychopathology, all of them?

Comparing the episodes of little people, fairies, angels, and the like, UFOs with accompanying entities come out ahead, in the literature, by a super abundant number.

How to deal with such a remarkable, unbelievable extension of reality?

Are all witnesses to such phenomena demented, or neurologically deficient?

The odds for that, even in a world smacking of a pathological subset, are too large to accommodate the insane or madness hypothesis.

Likewise, hoaxing can be ruled out, along with errant observation: people see and report things rather accurately.

Here’s a fascinating “story” related by Micah Hanks in UFOs & Aliens: Is There Anybody Out There? A group of essays by ufologists, edited by Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley [New Page Books/Career Press, Pomptom Plains, NJ, 2011, Page 107 ff.]:

While co-hosting a radio show, Speaking of Strange with Joshua P. Warren, a caller named Steven provided details of an incident that he (Steven) experienced in 1988 while on military duty at Johnston Atoll in the north Pacific.

The island housed a variety of aging, biological chemicals.

Coming back from a 24-hour shift, Steven and his company, “one of the officers noticed what looked like a small, dark, metallic ball hovering the sky above.

“Whatever it was, nobody could identify it.” [Page 110]

The island radar station could not get a “paint” (radar image) of the "metallic ball."

The base commander was hosting a two-star retired general and both “were looking at it also” (as was heard on the base radio).

“ … the mystery object … stopped directly over the middle of the island and seemed to begin a slow descent, the metallic ball [appearing] to grow larger … the thing – whatever it was – kept getting closer and filled more and more of the sky.

“The object got bigger, and bigger, and bigger,” Steven said.

“ …this object dwarfed even the largest known aircraft used by the Air Force at the time …the object’s circumference could easily have been the length of the island, though [Steven] still couldn’t tell for certain whether it was round or flat, because it seemed to be absorbing light.” [Page 111]

“As the [daylight] got brighter, this thing got blacker and bigger.” [Page 112]

Personnel on the island were watching the “silent behemoth” and “As the black void loomed above … the water and the air … became charged with electricity …

“Then … the moment the sun cracked the horizon, this thing vanished. And I [Steven] don’t mean it flew away; I don’t mean it went left or right. This thing just wasn’t there anymore!

“The shadow that had been over the island was no longer there … It just went – it disappeared. [Page 112]

Steven provided his assessment to Hanks and his radio partner”

“… I think all technology – no matter how advanced  -- that is built by any being, entity, or anything with some degree of intelligence, has its limitations and the potential for failure. And I think that whatever this thing was – whatever ‘they’ were --I think we witnessed a malfunction. I think something went wrong with this thing’s technology … I think we actually witnessed a [technological] malfunction …They are out there, and they are huge. Some of these things are enormous.” [ibid, Page 113, italics in book]

How do we explain or understand the above account?

Was Steven lying? I don’t believe Hanks thinks so. The tale doesn’t read as fictive.

But was the “thing” an unusual meteorological or atmospheric phenomenon? Perhaps.

The conclusion of Steven is imposed upon the event, that event not definitive in any way that allows an ET determination.

And yet the incident is strange and odd in ways that incur further examination. Did Micah Hanks or anyone else follow up to see if there were other “witnesses” to the sighting?

Did anyone check meteorological records to see if there were atmospherics that might account for the “thing” and its ephemeral disappearance?

Are there other similar sightings in UFO lore? I’m looking, and will use Aubeck’s and Vallee’s Wonders in the Sky and his Return to Magonia (with Shough), covered here below.

My subsidiary point here is that there are rafts of UFO tales with enough credibility to invite further explanation or exegesis.

The perusal of such tales should offer imaginative grist for those inclined to keep pursuing UFOs.

After all, what else if there for us, who are existentially comfortable, to do?



  • The story, sounds like a black-hole of energy. A vortex of energy? Perhaps, temporally superimposed into this reality, from elsewhere,the other side of this dimension, perhaps!? The water and the air becoming charged with electricity, as it became bigger, larger, until the moment the sun cracked the horizon, perhaps causing atmospheric changes, to then causing it to fade and vanish. This must have taken an immense amount of energy, to manifest, from elsewhere...

    Wild I know, but that's my summary.. It is nothing to do with UFO.
    This is about "pure energy" from elsewhere, that can look like a UFO but isn't, but equally curious...................

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, January 14, 2017  

  • Very interesting

    "Comparing the episodes of little people, fairies, angels, and the like, UFOs with accompanying entities come out ahead, in the literature, by a super abundant number."
    That´s true. I never thought of that. Of course now we have internet and mass media, back in the day the poor Irish farmers didn´t report their encounters with little people, but still. Maybe UFOs are just the perfect myth for our times? Elves: silly, angels: too religious, aliens from outer space: why not, after all there´s so many stars and planets in the universe and...(you know the rest).

    And that Steven´s story really sounded like some weird, still unknown natural phenomenon (think ball lightning). But I agree, I too find these sightings and encounters fascinating. If nothing else, they tell us that we humans have so much potential and creativity in our minds. We see something that we don´t understand and the imagination takes care of the rest.


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Stories similar to this one, have been witnessed in Mexico, by many people, & was video-recorded by an Investigator, Jaime Maussan...

    Mexico is a hot spot, for seeing UFO phenomena and such, or at least it was..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Daniel...

    You surely aren't serious about Mexico's alleged UFO tales, especially promoted by Jaime Maussan, I hope.

    If you are, I'm concerned about your UFO moxie.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • If I´ve understood correctly, there are a lot of UFO sightings in South America, no idea why. (Must google that Jaime Maussan.)
    I must now advertise my new blog, Strangeness on the Edge of Town. I write about all weird things, from UFOs to odd movies. Paranormal stuff, weird fiction, everything.
    (End of promoting. I promise I won´t mention this again : ) )


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Jerry...

    Feel free to "promote" your blog here as much as you like.

    I'll check it and give a shout out myself.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • LOL:)..Rich, NO!

    I'm only echoing, what I've heard others talk about in Mexico.
    I can see that you hold the same view as, others do, of Jaime Maussan & Mexico.
    LOL:), We once read that if something moved in Mexico, Jaime would think it was a UFO. Probably not that fair of them, we thought, but we have seen some impressive video shots, not all the same as Stevens sighting, but related! and didn't think they were CGIs. Although, who could know? any more than Stevens story!? Which is, once again, why we need Disclosure on this subject. We do not believe or disbelieve, for two reasons: "CGIs" and "Fabulated stories" but do hold an interest in discussion, because of, our own sightings, & know what we saw......

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Daniel...

    One "thing" I saw was a huge red-hot, iron glowing (rectangular) thing over Detroit, seen by multitudes and noted in news media including Fate magazine. It eventually faded or ascended from view.

    The other "things" were star-like lights cavorting in the overhead sky, one night, for a long-time and doing all kinds of maneuvers, seen by me and dozens of other kids I was playing with at the time.

    And then there was the v-formation glowing lights or gray things crossing the early morning sky (3 or 4 a.m.), noiseless, moving west to east.

    But were any of these things ET craft?

    I felt the red-hot rectangle was observing us playing touch football in the (major) highway medium where I lived. But that was just a feeling, as the thing was seen over the whole environs of Detroit.

    The maneuvering lights were so high in the sky that they looked like stars but were moving too erratically to be stars or meteors.

    So, you and I have seen things, but we can't say anything other than we saw some odd things or lights in the sky.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Fabulous, Rich!

    It is difficult for me, and others, not to consider a prime intelligence, behind
    "some" of these sightings around the world, be it AIs or People from elsewhere, or
    from here, for that mater. Something is going on up there, that is for sure. What that something is, remains for Disclosure...We have seen so many ET EXAMPLE:[ that we are starting to think, it is nothing like, what they show us...

    Disclosure has been drip-fed to us, for years: TV, Movies, All over the Internet, in preparation of people, for the initial announcement from our Governments, that:...

    (We are not alone)

    If there is nothing to all this, WHY are there so many people - so many people, pushing for Disclosure, if there is nothing to this? This is my point.............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Disclosure...not gonna happen.

    The "reality" is too bizarre; would scare the hell out of humanity.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • "Comparing the episodes of little people, fairies, angels, and the like, UFOs with accompanying entities come out ahead, in the literature, by a super abundant number."

    One can't say that unless one has actually crunched the numbers. I think the (false) assumption above stems from an unfamiliarity with other sources except a few UFO potboilers. I can understand that. Trying to find 19th c. sources on leprechauns or burying oneself through even older references about angels is a bit more difficult than, say, leaning back and ordering Albert Rosales' latest Humanoid catalogue online.

    Aside from that - the most important question is the one of taxonomy: why and on what basis do you see a difference anyway in any of these non-human entities?

    Best regards,


    By Blogger Theo Paijmans, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Theo:

    I don't see an essential difference in the entities.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 15, 2017  

  • Rich, you write: "The "reality" is too bizarre; would scare the hell out of humanity."

    Would you care to elaborate, or is this merely a bit of bluntly uttered melodrama reminiscent of the 1920's horror pulp fiction of H.P. Lovecraft:

    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."

    Best regards,


    By Blogger Theo Paijmans, at Monday, January 16, 2017  

  • Your Lovecraftian quote, Theo, sums it up.

    You know my view of humanity, where ignorance is disguised as madness.

    The real reality is suppressed for us until our passing(s), when we shall either succumb to it or enter the hellish eternity promised by the great ones.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, January 16, 2017  

  • RR,

    Not in order of you posting and others'comments:

    As we speak of kept secrets it is hard to believe that Disclosure hasn't happened. On the other hand if Disclosure consisted of "just nothing to disclose" (while acknowledging unknown phenomena) the call for Disclosure would just continue.

    The Johnson Atoll descending metallic sphere that descended turning black and then disappearing sounds like a new Fatima story without the religious overtones, where it appeared as a second Sun

    I know that you, RR, are inclined toward the AI suggestion but I find that not really different from restrained ET/UFO belief (if that is possible) as we are, in either case, still stuck with the vast number and variety of the apparent sincere and thoughtful reports. It's why I really prefer the UAP to UFO designation.

    The reporting of cavorting lights in the sky continues and occasionally even daytime globes at altitude are reported that do not fit the ball lightning explanation. The problem with such is that daytime specks or nighttime lights are too distant for any description but for their motion.

    As I've noted, my single observation, a daytime metallic rectangle box, seen only briefly by me when alone, and reported by no others that I have found, was a quite large (but not huge) at several thousand feet and just made no sense to me in my professional aviation experience. As I have noted it brought me to this blog many years later.

    Through this blog I have come to believe that some form of dimensional interaction is at work as linear travel seems unlikely when we consider the light years perspective required as soon as we look out of our Solar System. I find that, to me, it is the most likely explanation especially as smartest physics folk continue to say that our understanding of physics is incomplete and beset by the findings (and weirdness) in the quantum world.

    It also seems clear to me that more than one type of phenomena must be at issue.

    The most perplexing aspect I find is when a seemingly respectable and sensible reporter speaks of "aliens" seen outside of their craft and how most often they are bipedal.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Tuesday, January 17, 2017  

  • Bryan...

    You touch all the bases that afflict the UFO phenomena (Jerome Clark hates the plural).

    The diversity of reports -- some recorded with diligence, many not -- allow one to see phenomena rather than one phenomenon, and we can exclude the shape-shifting explanation, along with the idea that a mad Trickster is causing the sightings, although the Vallee idea of a control factor or Caravaca's "external agent" can be considered without laughter.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 17, 2017  

  • RR,

    "...a mad Trickster..." -What's that??? Heh, Heh...


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Tuesday, January 17, 2017  

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