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Friday, February 10, 2017

A Psychological Evaluation of Unidentified Aerial Phenoma

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Dr. Roger N. Shepard presented a paper in 1968 at a UFO symposium by NCAS, the National Capital Area Skeptical organization. Here's the abstract for that paper:

Even if our interest is in the study of UFO's as some sort of extraordinary physical phenomenon (whether of natural or, possibly, of intelligent, extraterrestrial origin), our study cannot ignore the inescapable fact that nearly all of our evidence comes -- not from physical measuring instruments -- but from human observers. So far, however, we have consistently sold the human observer short Indeed, in neglecting to make use of psychologically oriented techniques that would more fully enable observers to bring to bear their really rather remarkable powers of perception and recognition, we may have been forfeiting the opportunity of obtaining evidence from independent observers that would be sufficiently convergent and well-defined to clarify the true nature of the phenomena.

Here's Wikipedia's citation for Dr. Shepard:


And here is the link to the paper:


Now some of you might be turned off by the nature of the organization for which the paper was intended, but it's an objective examination and outline for approaching the UFO phenomenon, centering on witness reportage or observation and attendant reconstructions: drawings, photographs, and other stimuli, with a psychological perspective.



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