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Friday, February 03, 2017

An Imaginative Conjecture that I applaud....

This is the title page Leon Davidson's 1977 four-page creative endeavor to interpret the "popular" Lonnie Zamora/Socorro symbol.
(I've provided the page full scan so that interested readers can mouse over the image, and click to read it.)

I communicated with Dr. Davidson several times in the late 1970s; those occasions noted here, at this blog and elsewhere.

He, on pages 2 and 3 of this paper, emphasizes the importance of symbols, allegedly seen by UFO witnesses, an emphasis I agree with, as many of you know.

(I can provide scans of the other pages of the paper, if anyone is interested.)

The problem with Dr. Davidson's suggestion here (a CIA symbol) is that there has been controversy about what was the real symbol seen and drawn by Officer Zamora. (Kevin Randle and I have presented the controversy several times, to the point of tedium for some. I won't regurgitate the matter here.)

Some of you have (or should have) Dr. Davidson's 1976 compilation of the Air Force's Blue Book material, pictured here and available online, I think, and at Columbia University's site:
No one, currently, has provided as much serious effort to determine what the UFO reality was or is than Leon Davidson. Today's ufologists are a little cavalier and sensationalist when it comes to the UFO topic.

Speculation, such as that in Dr. Davidson's paper, is grist for imaginative conjecture, that while often a bit goofy, like mine, offers imaginative thinking that can bring the UFO enigma into focus perhaps.



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