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Monday, February 27, 2017

An Interesting Observation

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In this magazine issue for March/April 1978 is a fascinating story on Page 66; a sighting by two young boys of an object with legs.

(I've scanned the page and left it full scan so you can mouse over the image, below, to read it in toto.)

I would, as is my wont, ascribe this account to a folie à deux except for the fact that folie à deux in children is rare and unique in how or why it occurs.

I've placed a link to a PDF explaining folie à deux HERE for those of you might be interested in such things.

Ms. Cortez, the author of the piece closes, as you will read, with the supposition that the witnesses saw a strange object in the sky or the account stemmed from "a form of thought projection."

Here's the one page article. What do you think?


  • Good afternoon,

    The witnesses may have well just observed a bright planet such as Venus. The spiky aspect is explainable by properties of our eyes:



    and a detailed article here:




    By Blogger Rare phenomena lover, at Wednesday, March 01, 2017  

  • I dunno. I have always observed the visible planets as bright round dots. I assumed everyone with normal vision saw the same thing. Maybe not. I've also observed some things that aren't planets or planes or helicopters or missiles. I have no clue what they were, but I'm sure what they were not. And all the skeptics in the world won't convince me I've misinterpreted Venus. I'll believe my lying eyes over skeptics any day.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Thursday, March 09, 2017  

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