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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligent UFO Probes?

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On Page 65 of Nick Redfern’s latest book, 365 Days of UFOs, Nick provides an episode from February 23rd 1975 in Rugely, England where a woman, Mavis Allen, while walking her dog, in the woods near town, came across “a circular, black-colored object rolling along the ground.”

The object was “around six feet in circumference and had four protrusions (that Allen referred to as ‘spikes’) that stuck out from equal points around the middle … the object rose slowly and silently, to a height of around fifteen feet and …then shot away at a fast pace.”

Compare that to the 1979 Robert Taylor incident, which I often tout here:

Then there is the allegedly 1871 hoaxed account of William Loosely, which I noted on February 8th here, wherein something quite similar was imagined by the hoaxer:

“Loosley discovered in the underbrush a ‘20-sided metal object about 18 inches high, with small rounded nubs projecting from its mirror-like surface.’”

I’ve suggested that such events may be hallucinatory, or evidence of some kind of von Neumann-like probe from elsewhere: time, another dimension, or even an advanced AI-dominated extraterrestrial civilization.

There are other UFO-themed events such as these, and I’ll bring them to your attention as they represent a ufological element that UFO buffs tend to ignore or dismiss, while I think they are an explanation, of some kind, for a few UFO sightings or reports.

(Get Nick’s book for a raft of bizarre accounts that open the UFO vista to something other than or more than ET visitations.)



  • I remember reading a long time ago a strange account coming from a village in Siberia. The details escape me, but it seems the villagers saw a UFO land outside their village. Before anyone could get to the scene the villagers saw a strange object come down the main "street," if it could be called that. The villagers described something that looked like a spikey Christmas tree ornament, no legs or wheels, just a spikey thing levitating up and down and sideways going from house to house. Last house, it disappeared. When I read "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clark, the creatures inside Rama reminded me of what the villagers saw. Perhaps what the villagers saw was inspiration for Clark. I doubt primitive peasants living in Siberia in Soviet times read any of Clark's works. This "spikey" creature sounds like AI from space.

    By Blogger zeek wolfe, at Saturday, February 18, 2017  

  • It would be interesting, zeek, to know the source of that Siberian tale.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, February 18, 2017  

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