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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Balsa wood and UFOs (plus a few asses)

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Over at my pal, Kevin Randle's blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com), Kevin put a note about balsa wood that appeared in a military memo that some have tried to tie to the Roswell incident (Kevin included also).

Go and read the asinine comments. They display the ignorance that occupies much of the UFO topic.

Balsa wood is endemic to various tropical countries of this Earth:


That an alien species, implied by some of the ET believers that hang out at Kevin's blog, would have access to trees, unique to Earth and its Darwinian evolution is ludicrous; spaceships traveling here from the outer reaches of space built of model airplane construction materials is more than a laugh, it's madness.

And while the commentary about balsa constructed aircraft of Earth may apply -- a "crash" of a test plane near Roswell in 1947 -- the commentary is likewise ludicrous.

The Roswell debris was so sparse that it had to be the remnants of a balloon array or something similar.

That the argument against a balloon as the "prime suspect" for the Roswell hubbub still resonates with many UFO buffs is not just sad, it's a prime example of delusional ignorance.

Some think (as seen in comments here previously) that such foolishness as exhibited by Kevin's followers is cute. I do not think it is.

The ongoing stupidity of the Roswell "arguments" is a madness I keep writing.

That madness is killing the UFO matter, as some of Kevin's regular commenters (PurrlGurrl and Lance Moody among them) keep pointing out.

Balsa wood and UFOs: a not funny or cute addendum to the UFO phenomenon.



  • Rich -

    I apparently failed to make it clear... I thought the inclusion of balsa wood on what might be considered Schgulen's essential elements of intelligence was odd but that it was not indicative of aliens or a connection to Roswell. While composite materials and ferrous and non-ferrous metals made sense, as did some of the other items, balsa wood stood out because of its weak nature. Some didn't seem to understand that I knew that aircraft especially those of an earlier era had been constructed of wood and fiber, balsa just didn't seem to fit even that category. But I really didn't think then, nor do I think now, that the inclusion related to anything to do with Roswell and if Schulgen was still around, we could ask about the inclusion of balsa in his memo.

    But only point I wanted to make was that it seemed odd...

    By Blogger KRandle, at Wednesday, February 22, 2017  

  • Kevin:

    I didn't think you outright connected the Schulgen notation to Roswell. You made that clear in your posting.

    But, as usual, you opened the door to those who grasp at any Roswell straw, and that was my (unclear?) point.

    I continue to be stunned -- I should know better by now -- that Roswell is still presented with alacrity by UFO buffs (you, me, et al.) and yet some persist in seeing an ET connection, despite the raft of material that mitigates against such a loopy view.

    Yes, the mention of balsa wood was odd and is odd. But everything in that time-frame was odd, yes?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, February 22, 2017  

  • It is General Schulgen's memo that mentions balsa wood, among other materials. But I did point out that at the time he wrote his memo, it is very likely he had never heard of the Roswell case. He may have read about it in the press; we cannot say. But if so, the likelihood is that he dismissed it as trivia. I do not know if these early newspaper reports actually mention balsa wood. Do they?

    A more proper line of looking at the whole balsa wood idea is to determine whether the declassified Schulgen memo was available to Friedman & Moore (who wrote the first Roswell book). I think it was.

    In which case, here is a possible answer to the 'balsa' idea: Moore or Friedman, or both, had seen this memo and thus when they interviewed one of the early witnesses, planted this 'balsa wood' theme into his head. Since none of us has or had access to the original transcripts of these interviews, who can say what ideas were suggested to or planted into the minds of these 'witnesses'?

    A reasonable scenario or not?

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, February 22, 2017  

  • Blogger RRRGroup said...
    Kevin points out, CDA, that Schulgen and others in the military command surely heard about Roswell, since it got national play.

    These guys didn't have their heads in the sand.

    That the debris, as described, appeared like balsa wood goes a long way to confirming the balloon explanation, maybe even the dismissed MOGUL balloon that Roswellian ufologists insist never flew.

    The whole Roswell shebang has been muddled by a kind of sci-fi madness, which, as I note in my posting about the Roswell ongoing hysteria by UFO buffs and Roswell town folks, continues apace.

    Kevin -- ya gotta love the guy -- leaves the Roswell door ajar and, invariably, Roswell nuts keep coming in; you and me among them.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, February 22, 2017  

  • Balsa Wood? Ha!.. It seems to keep Kevin's Blog alive with commentary, little do they understand; The craft can weigh tons, when stationary on the ground.

    That weight, becomes zero, on lift-off. ..light as a photon!.. "weight" is not a difficulty. "Different technologies" could be the discussion in mind! at Kevin's Blog, but no one, has realized; "balsa Wood" from elsewhere?:)................?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, February 22, 2017  

  • Hello,

    As I proposed in our FB discussion page "UFO-Pragmatism", it is imho important to notice that in the memo and the sentence about balsa wood, the word "sandwich" is used too. Yeah, balsa wood sandwiched between other materials were in the use and conception of "modern" aircraft (reaction propelled), like the "Pirat" (Vought). And more.

    Taking into account secret and domestic or soviet devices were candidats by the military to explain flying saucers in the very same period, and balsa wood (or wood ie for the Horten) was used for such devices, I for one is not surprised the memo included the words balsa wood (+ sandwich). Nothing to link to Roswell then and imho.

    Best Regards,


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Thursday, February 23, 2017  

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