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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indrid Cold?

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Back in 1966 a spectral individual showed up in various venues and captured the imagination of those intrigued by such things.

When I looked for internet links about the thing or person encountered, I found commentary from two skeptics I know, my pal Lance Moody and PurrlGurrl, both of whom seemed to be fascinated by the Indrid Cold story as recently as 2014.

Here are links to the tales(s):

Again, what seems like an hallucinatory episode for non-connected persons, occurs in a way that bespeaks an inter-connected reality that becomes ephemeral in that the “sightings” take place in a determinate period of time) and then dissipate, not to occur again, except in the interest of those like me, Lance, or PurrlGurrl.

What was or is the import of such evanescent events, and why does it matter, or does it?

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