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Friday, February 03, 2017

Memory Distortion in Alien Abduction Accounts

This is the opening paragraph in a 2002 Journal of Abnormal Psychology paper Memory Distortion in People Reporting Abductions by Aliens by Susan A. Clancy, Richard J. McNally, Daniel L. Schacter, Mark F. Lenzenweger (from Harvard) and Roger K. Pitman (Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital):
(I've provided the full scan so interested persons can mouse over the text and click to enlarge it for reading.)

I've presented such views, from various disciplines (Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Neurology) here, at this blog and elsewhere recently and in previous years.

As I noted in a posting here a few days ago, many of the encounters listed in Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters books -- most recalled from memory -- smack of sexual episodes that victims have suppressed or repressed and only come back as a fantasy-like tale involving creatures or beings from space or nether worlds (as in the succubus and incubus renderings of medieval times).

Hypnosis, denigrated by Freud, eventually, replaced by "free association, was, long ago, eschewed by psychoanalytic practitioners and psychologists.

That it is used, still, by some in ufology quackery is alarming and unethical.

N.B. The full paper, from which I've selected the paragraph above, may be found online I suspect.



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