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Friday, February 03, 2017

Other Universes

Here is a piece from Science News [Volume 105, February 16, 1974] that presents the views, of that time, about the possibility of other universes besides the one we see or occupy.

(I've left the scan full size so that those of you following my thoughts, and your own, about the Big Bang, the singularity, space time, et al. can read it. Mouse over and click to enlarge.)

One of the paradoxical comments in the piece, by Dietrick E. Thomsen, is this:

" ... the principal of causality, which says that neither information nor energy can be transmitted faster than light, is not violated in the the tachyon universe (see article). Though the tachyons themselves go faster than light, their radiation, which is the only way they can transmit energy or information, does not." [Page 109]



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