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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Robots from the Id (or from somewhere else)?

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In September 1964 Donald Shrum, an employee of AeroJet in Sacramento, California was, allegedly, assaulted by humanoids and/or robots while ensconced in a tree from which he was hunting with a bow and arrow.

It's an odd tale which you can read about via these links:



And the Phantoms and Monsters site (where you will find drawings and photos, shown here, of Shrum and what he says he envisioned during his "ordeal"):

Our friend The Iron Skeptic took a swing at the account but struck out, as I see it. (A nice try but that's about it):


Now did Shrum concoct a story? For what reason? (Such a confabulation would jeopardize his job, yes?)

(The Betty/Barney Hill "abduction" had become prominent by 1964.)

Did he have a drug or alcohol induced hallucination? Or did he actually experience what he says he did?

Both are open questions.

Are such humanoid/robot encounters part of a reality that some people experience, and why (or why not)?

Such "madness" as depicted by the Shrum happening is rife in various forms throughout history (and maybe prehistory if some cave paintings actually show weird encounters or bizarre mental configurations endemic to humankind from time immemorial).

No matter what, the Shrum tale intrigues.



  • Robots?...I ask you, does this look like the design, of an advanced supreme mind of beings, with an atmospheric pressure suit?? What would a robot need with a pressure suit? It looks more like the olden-day diving suit.Unbelievable, so we don't believe, and at the same time, can't discount this story, for the reason that the sketch of the robot may be incorrect, in some way..A red eyed robot? If that were true, you wouldn't see me for dust..I mean, what is the red eye for? aside from just seeing, dose this suggest, a laser emitting focused beam of light, and for what reason? a weapon?...?

    Or, the glowing eyes, might be like some animals eyes, that glow in the dark when light is shone on them...

    We are more likely to except; "The Betty/Barney Hill abduction case" and we do!

    Betty gives a good account of herself & Barney, in their story, and we have no real reason to doubt the story told..............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, February 12, 2017  

  • Nick Redfern provided a link to Amazon where a book about this incident can be bought:


    I've ordered it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 12, 2017  

  • The suit reminds me a lot of the very first Iron Man suit, which was grey. Iron Man made his debut in Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963


    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Tuesday, February 14, 2017  

  • > Betty gives a good account of herself & Barney, in their story, and we have no real reason to doubt the story told

    Since we have no corroborating evidence, we are left only with doubt.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Tuesday, February 14, 2017  

  • Terry, my Censor friend,

    We all need "some trust" in humanity, not all are going to let you down in their truth,there is no real reason to doubt anyone, untill they let you down, or are proven wrong...

    In a Court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty, if THAT, can be a guidline in humanity, so be it, for the truth............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Tuesday, February 14, 2017  

  • > there is no real reason to doubt anyone, until they let you down, or are proven wrong

    Daniel, I have read quite a bit of the Hill literature, including the previously unpublished NICAP reports, and can assure you that the case is a let down, what with missing evidence, missing witnesses, the slow but sure changes in case details, and over-reliance on hypnotic testimony, and Betty's occasional false assertions (which I think she earnestly believed). I have commented on the case many times at this blog over the last five-plus years. But don't take my word for it, check out the MUFON journal, numbers 257 (September 1989) and 258 (October 1989), wherein UK UFO author John Spencer thoroughly saturated the Hill case in a vat of solvent doubt. See also issue 260 for the sad responses of John Fuller and Betty Hill.

    > In a Court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty

    In a court of law, claimants have to prove their case with evidence that can be tested. None of the claims of the Hill case meet this standard. Case dismissed!

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Tuesday, February 14, 2017  

  • Terry, We don't doubt the hard work in your comment, but we will say this, The more time down the track, the more muddy the waters become, and we the people, are doing this. It doesn't matter who or what you read of others opinions,it is only hear-say!

    The facts come from one place, and one place only; "The Witnesses"...

    As the saying goes; Strike when the Iron is hot, after that, anything goes, and the waters become murky as to what the facts really were, and leaves us in doubt.

    This is why I take the stance of neither, believing or disbelieving a story.
    There are thousands of reports, I know some may be incorrect, and some not! Who can
    know? and does it real matter that much, with so much water having, gone under the bridge by now!? I think not! People don't change, there will always be a nugget of truth in every story told, whether it be true or otherwise.

    The only truth we "MIGHT" receive, will be in Disclosure, IF at all!?

    There is one thing we can agree on, Terry, UFO exist, yes? The question is though, OURs or THEIRs? The answer might be BOTH!!............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, February 15, 2017  

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