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Monday, February 20, 2017

The 1993 Kelly Cahill "abduction" Case

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Eminent Australian UFO researcher Bill Chalker provides extensive details of an alleged UFO sighting and apparent alien abduction of a woman, Kelly Cahill, "near Narre Warren North, in the foothills of the Dandenongs, Victoria, between Belgrave and Fountain Gate, during the early hours of August 8, 1993."

The image above and the story appears here:


Mrs. Cahill relates that she saw a figure alongside the road:

"It started coming towards us, only slowly, and it had big red eyes. It sounds stupid, but it had great big round red eyes, like huge flies' eyes and they were red like, not like a reflection of red, but like burning red, like . . . fluorescent stop lights, I suppose, that sort of real burning red." [UFOevidence.org/Chalker]

TheNightSky.org has this drawing of entities related in the account:
And Mrs. Cahill, herself, has written a book about the purported encounter:
Another take on the incident can be read here:


Now many of you know I generally eschew UFO  "abduction" stories, but this one baffles me, as it does or did Bill Chalker, when he wrote his account. [See UFOevidence link above]

People who relate abduction events actually experience something that they interpret as an alien or extraterrestrial kidnapping (and more).

What that experience really consists of is open to question I think, and it's not an ET-oriented event.

Mrs. Cahill's encounter could be psychological or neurological. Note the smell of "vomit" that she remembered. The Psychiatric Dictionary [Fourth Edition, Hinsie/Campbell] on Page 805 informs that vomiting (the smell of, also) derives from an unconscious hostility to a repulsive condition, exampled by a mental approach, "I cannot stomach this situation."

I (and others) have promoted the idea that there is a substrata of sexuality that underlies abduction accounts.

But I'm not so sure that's true in all cases, this one being an exception perhaps.

Other witnesses to the event(s) confirm the sighting, and the "encounter" along with the UFO description bespeaks a paranormal experience or an actual extraordinary experience, such as contact with an inter-dimensional intrusion of some kind, unique but not impossible for those of us who believe in the existence of other dimensions/universes.

The case file is meaty and complex. One can't dismiss it, out of hand, as a delusion or hallucinatory event.



  • Also lots of entries on Youtube.

    By Blogger David From AU, at Monday, February 20, 2017  

  • What's your take on the case, David?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 20, 2017  

  • Apologies, I wasn't expecting a personal response. I haven't read the accounts for a long time (and have yet to read them again now), and I'm no erudite expert, but I remember being both amazed and at the same time impressed with the details and thinking that there was something unknown but seemingly genuine going on, without coming to a final conclusion if it was true or not.

    By Blogger David From AU, at Tuesday, February 21, 2017  

  • It's an odd, intriguing case, for me, David.

    There are a number of explanations or interpretations available to and from those who look at the "event."

    I'm hoping Bill Chalker weighs in. His views would be invaluable.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, February 21, 2017  

  • This stirs up memories. I met Miss Cahill back in the nineties.



    By Blogger Theo Paijmans, at Sunday, February 26, 2017  

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