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Friday, February 24, 2017

UFO Odors (and a stinky Sasquatch)

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My pal Nick Redfern sent me a link to a review he’s done for a book that delves into the smelly aspects of Big Foot:

(That Sasquatch would stink isn’t surprising considering the stench of some CBS Survivor contestants after a month or so stuck on an island without soap.)

But Nick’s review brings to my mind how many UFO reports contain witness accounts of smells and odors that they experienced during their alleged encounters with the enigmatic phenomenon: sulfur, rotten eggs, burnt rubber, hot metal, et cetera.

Here are a few links to sites that detail the smell/odor element in UFO tales:

What’s interesting to me is that (haptic) hallucinations often incur or contain odorous intrusions, called hallucinosis (acute, alcoholic, diabetic).

A person under the influence of alcohol (or various kinds of drugs) will often have an hallucination that evokes odors or many kinds.

And since I think that many UFO accounts are hallucinatory in nature, I assume that those with odors of a pronounced kind confirm the etiological explanation that the person experiencing a UFO or UFOs has had, in effect, an hallucination, not a bona fide observation of an actual thing in the sky or on the ground (sometimes with accompanying entities).

My previous post about the nurse Kendall case in 1970 (posted February 19, 2017) would fall into the category outlined here.

(Terry the Censor took another view.)

As for Sasquatch, does that creature really care how it smells?

(Sasquatch soap is sold at Amazon, from which the image at top comes.)



  • Good afternoon,

    In 2015, I investigated a case in Quebec where the witness reported observing two green spheres successively emerging from the ground close to her and then quietly "exploding" producing a blinding white flash . A few minutes after, she and her husband noticed a strong pungent odour like sulphur. In my opinion, these are typical earth lights.

    Here is a link to a report titled: Earthquake Engineering and Hazards Reduction in China.


    at pages 150 and 151 there is a description of a luminous phenomenon that occurred before the 1976 Tangshen earthquake

    "Earthquake lights, at least some of which were
    seen prior to the earthquake, were described in the forms of columns,
    fans, balls, and sheets. Chu Chieh-cho of the Provincial Seismological
    Bureau described personally seeing a fireball 75 km from the epicenter
    on the night of July 21 while in the company of three professional seis-
    mologists and a TV crew. The fireball originated at the ground surface
    about 100 m from where he stood. At first it was about 1 m in diameter.
    It then shot up to a height of 10 or 15 m, whereupon the volume started
    shrinking, finally to ping pong ball size. After reaching the maximum
    height, the ball curved over in an arcuate trajectory and disappeared
    as it fell to the earth; resembling a meteor in appearance as it moved.
    The light would dim, then brighten again. Small wisps of white smoke
    swirled around the light, a slight crackling sound was heard, and an
    odor of garlic or sulfur was detected."

    So this odor was noticed even for earthquake lights.



    By Blogger Rare phenomena lover, at Monday, February 27, 2017  

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