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Monday, February 20, 2017

UFO sites and their abominable ads!

I went to The Black Vault via an Anomalist link and was stunned to see that fine site cluttered with sleazy ads.

Is John Greenewald so hard up for money that he has to mimic Paracast's Gene Steinberg by begging for funds, Greenewald's plea as blatant as Gene's, just less personal?

I'm surprised that UFO sites, such as Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles, Mysterious Universe., and dozens of other UFO venues, resort to crappy ads from which their owners can certainly be receiving a few pennies each month in exchange for a diminution of respect and credibility for the UFO information they impart.

I looked at Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso site and found it free of such abominations: classy, witty, and full of unadulterated UFO information. (There were a few dopey photos, with my pal Paul Kimball, but that was the only mis-step.)

The UFO topic is iffy enough on its own. Does it need the addition of chintzy ads and the products or services promoted by (often notable) UFO buffs to take it further down in the cesspool of economic frivolity and grunge?

If some of you UFO fellows need a few bucks to survive, contact me. I'll send you a check. (Not you Gene; you've already milked the UFO crowd for an ungodly amount of cash that has been wasted or blown on personal exigencies.)

N.B. The image above came from http://www.deezar.net/



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