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Monday, March 06, 2017

Civilization(s): Unique to Earth

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The National Geographic channel (network) premiered a program about the origins of humankind.
The first episode, 3/6/2017, accented the rise of civilizations, here on Earth. And anyone who saw the program would see a vindication for my views that civilization, as know it, cannot, would not, arise on any other planet in the universe.

The show told about the rise of man, and his progress by discovering and using fire.
With a segment on the origination in China of gunpowder and a capsule account of the great London fire of 1666, one can only conclude that it’s the historical vicissitudes on our planet that created the various unique civilizations that have arisen and fallen here.
That another species on another planet coming to fruition in the same way as we humans, creating civilizations, as we know them, is as farfetched as any idea I can think of.

For scientists to say that they are looking for Earth-like planets with civilizations shows a delusional thought process that mimics anthropomorphic wishful thinking of a pathetic kind.

Yes, species on planets in the cosmos can arise, miraculously, as humans did here, but that they would come to our backwater planet in craft that is not that dissimilar to our own, from civilizations like ours is science fiction of a tepid kind.

UFOs are not interplanetary ships containing human-like beings, inquisitive about the flora and fauna found here.

It’s ludicrous.

N.B. Painting of London fire (above) by unknown artist comes from Wikipedia



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