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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flying Saucers are Real?

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The Times Literary Supplement for March 10, 2017 had reviews of these books about Science Fiction:
But the book circled in green – Flying Saucers are Real! The UFO Library of Jack Womack [Anthology Editions, PB, $40] – is about UFOs (flying saucers, obviously.

But it’s not a paean to flying saucers in the way that Donald Keyhoe’s book, with the same title was.

Mr. Womack merely [sic] reproduces book covers, drawings, cartoons, old clippings, interviews, and other ephemera about flying saucers over the years.

The book is a memorandum of flying saucer history pretty much and the reviewer, Jonathan Barnes, writes, “Among the plethora of kooky delusion, something more solemn can be discerned” which is a regurgitation of the old sci-fi themes of “international fretting …  that a brand “of robust interventionism may appear in the skies and set to work” [again].

That is, the flying saucer theme is akin to sci-fi novels, like War of the Worlds, that tell us extraterrestrials may be coming to enslave or kill humanity.

The books are reviewed for two pages, but Womack’s book gets a scant partial column, highlighted in orange:
This, for me, shows that anything to do with UFOs or flying saucers is paltry, even in the context of a genre that should be a bolster of the idea that alien species can or do show up on Earth.

Flying saucers, as a mainstream topic, is relegated in the same way that a book about it is relegated to a few column inches in a review flush with commentary about science fiction.

No one really cares about UFOs (or flying saucers) any more, except for the delusional clique who visit blogs like this or attend seedy conferences about the enigmatic but inconsequential phenomenon.



  • Getting on with life as we all do,why would anyone really care about UFOs (or flying saucers) "especially" if they had not seen one, or even knew what a UFO was, let-alone the story behind it.I think some, who are aware of UFO see it as a sci-fi nonsense, and nothing but a bad joke, which is why we don't talk of it, in public unless we know, we are in the right company.

    Why is this?....Its simple really!

    UFO are not part of our every-day life, meaning, we don't see them every day like we do with aircraft.For some, we don't see them for years or even in a lifetime, so why would we even be interested, in such a thing as UFO.

    Its not until, you see something, you have never seen before, that you think; What the hell was that? Even if you see it really clear, it is still; What the hell? It is hard to believe your own eyes! You are taken by surprise, NOW! YOUR HOOKED, for answers, and discover your not alone in this, now the ball is really rolling; What the heck is going on? If you ignore this, you are do yourself an injustice, and those whom are standing with you....Are there ETs behind all this? We don't know or care less, what we do know, is the story that includes ETs/AIs and more....

    The talk in town, on UFO is rife with distraction, and gives good reason for sitting on the fence, as it were, until Disclosure becomes an obvious fact that can be excepted...............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Tuesday, March 21, 2017  

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