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Saturday, March 04, 2017

How the Universe Works?

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The Science Channel’s auspicious series How the Universe Works makes me crazy.

A repeat airing of the series show Strangest Alien Worlds [2017] Saturday 3/4/17 told viewers that astronomers were avid about finding another planet (or two) like Earth, with life and civilizations.....yes, civilizations.

This is where scientists, musing for the show, get goofy….and they are supposed to be scientific.

To think or believe or offer that “civilizations” would accrue on a planet with various similarities to Earth is a projection of the most egregious kind.
No planet, anywhere in the galaxy or universe would ever develop civilizations like those that came about and evolved on our planet. It’s a virtual impossibility, and you know why (or should).

Earth’s civilizations developed within the confines of human and societal machinations and various interactions that are unique to this planet: the meteorological accretions, the geographical and geological amalgamates, the chemical substrates, and all the other mutabilities that science dotes upon in its studies of this planetary habitat.

Civilizations formed within the context of Earth and Earth alone.

No other planet, anywhere, would form civilizations as we know or have known them. It’s an impossibility on the face of it.

Ancient Astronaut theorists get by this impossibility by suggesting that alien life forms, extraterrestrials, brought civilizations here, created life-styles based upon their own.
That makes a kind of sense, except for the difficulty I often suggest here and that is Earth is such a backwater, obscure thing in the totality of the cosmos that to infer visitors have come here and are coming here to interact with humanity is ludicrous, not impossible but improbable as there are other places far more interesting or scintillating that this little patch of blue we find ourselves on.

Yes, I know many of you think, errantly, like those scientists making up civilizations on other planets, that Earth is a showcase planet attracting alien life forms in significant numbers, many crashing their vehicles when the finally get here.

But that aside, let me assure you that civilizations would not form on other Earth-like planets.

Civilizations are an Earth-only process.

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  • RR,

    Yup, it is unfortunate that we find the "Science Channel" has to sell out to non-science nonsense. Saw a show on Pluto where they projected the "possibility" of life based on evidence of unusual thermal activity. Yeah sure, all things are possible...


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Sunday, March 05, 2017  

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