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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Jose Antonio Caravaca’s (brilliant) Distortion Theory

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I placed my pal Jose Caravaca’s exegesis of his “Distortion Theory” online here the other day. Why?

Because it’s a brilliant hypothesis/theory that explains many UFO sightings, especially those with encounters.

I’ve been promoting Jose’s theory for several years now and find it only wanting in one aspect, and that’s his unidentified “external agent.”

But, for me, there is an answer.

Although Jose’s external agent is likened by some to Jacques Vallee’s “control mechanism” or Jung’s (collective) unconscious, it’s nuanced to the point that it opens the door to a possibility that has great ramifications.

Jose has explained that his “external agent” works uniquely on the percipient, the person who has a UFO event (or sighting).

That is, the external agent provides an experience that is not generalized but applies only to the person having the experience.

Each person has a residue of material in his or her unconscious closet, the mind’s memory bank.

The external agent pulls material from that closet, that memory bank, to create a scenario that becomes the UFO experience.

Jose has provided, often here and at his sites, dozens of UFO events with detailed examples of what is culled from a person’s memory bank that provokes the UFO experience.

I wondered, and have noted that wonderment here (and elsewhere), what or who is the “external agent.”

Is it God? Is it that despicable meme, the Trickster (a concept I loathe)? Is it the input of a omnipotent computer host who injects images into our minds, via his, her, or its matrix simulation? Is it a government/military ruse (akin to what happened with Vilas Boas in Brazil) or Arthur Bryant in England)?

I don’t think it is any of those things. I think Jose Caravaca’s “external agent” is an undiscovered (so far) neurological or psychological glitch that is rampant but unknown to science (neurologists and psychologists).

Jose’s “external agent” is a malfunction of the brain, a biological defect that applies to other known fantasies or hallucinatory experiences.

(I can accept the idea of a psychical glitch or an impairment to consciousness but that takes me to a widely disputed area of thought and discussion that muddies the waters as far as UFOs go.)

In all the examples that UFO researcher Caravaca has offered, there is an undeniable connection to a person’s memory or mental condition prior to his or her experience, and that connection is tangible, insofar as a neurological or psychological event can be said to be tangible.

Freud and Jung and other psychologists along with such neurologists as the great Oliver Sacks have proven [sic] that such events as those described by Jose, and pertinent to the UFO topic, are real, in the sense that their reality is an established fact for the persons aggrieved by the mental glitch, the neurological or psychological malfunction.

Is the “external agent” a genetic defect? Perhaps.

Is it a flawed cluster of brain neurons, like that which afflict persons said to be schizophrenic? Perhaps.

What researcher Caravaca has provided is a body of material that, while applied to UFOs in his concentration, also could b applied to the world of mental illness, generically.

Jose Caravaca has stumbled on an explanation for many UFO tales/reports in the literature, and something more, much more, I think.



  • Thank you very much for your words my friend, I am very excited, and more expressed by a researcher of its value ... one of my most admired and respected UFO thinkers
    thanks mon amie...

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Tuesday, March 07, 2017  

  • Perhaps this theory can explain some UFO cases. But it can't explain what Delbert Newhouse and his wife saw and filmed several decades ago: several saucer shaped objects milling around in the day-time sky that looked like "two pie plates" rim to rim. And it's those cases, and only those cases, that require a non-distortion explanation.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, March 08, 2017  

  • Dominick, the distortion theory contemplates that the phenomenon can have a physical facet, and can be observed by more people. This is not a purely psychic phenomenon.


    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Wednesday, March 08, 2017  

  • "Is it the input of a omnipotent computer host who injects images into our minds, via his, her, or its matrix simulation?". Why do you use the word 'images' when in cases such as Socorro there were documented tangible effects on the environment? Unless you feel Socorro has a prosaic explanation ... perhaps due to it not fitting in your 'all in the mind' theory? Examining the oddities of Socorro again: seemingly a 1-minute encounter featuring an 'old school 60's UFO' with two aliens, who traveled light-years (or we have to get in wormhole concepts) in order to land, step outside for some fresh air, get spooked by Zamora and leave. And they just happen to miss the dynamite shack, and are apparently seen (bonafide confirmed) by only him and not a bunch of other drivers on the road. How convenient. Had there been a half-dozen witnesses (and someone with a camera!) would we be having this discussion? But that was not allowed to happen, because no solution (or resolution) will ever be permitted. Carl Sagan put the kibosh on aliens traveling to see us, so that's ruled out. Yet Zamora witnessed something inexplicable - there are only two sides to the coin, and neither work. As to why: I'm guessing who/whatever is responsible just wants to allay the fear we all have - that we are completely alone in the Universe. Even on a crowded planet with 7 billion others, for some reason it's appealing (and maybe necessary for our mental well-being) to think there is more life out there.

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Monday, March 13, 2017  

  • James,

    While Jose might provide a defense for his view in the Socorro context, I think the Zamora event lies outside what Jose is addressing with his theory.

    Socorro is not an ET encounter nor an example for The Distortion Theory.

    It's something unique, and discussed here at length, accordingly.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 13, 2017  

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