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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Let’s take Jose Caravaca’s “Distortion Theory” one step further….

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While listening to Bach’s Partita No. 2 on Music Choice today, I realized that my pal, Jose Antonio Caravaca’s idea of an “external agent” that dominates his Distortion Theory could be applied to other events and creative endeavors.

Jose’s DT provides the idea that an outside influence – an external agent he calls it – has taken occasion to intrude upon a UFO encounter, maybe even creating the encounter, causing those immersed in the encounter to experience a bevy of images and feelings that come from within them (their memory bank or unconscious). The “encounter” they have is a staged scenario, created by Jose’s “external agent” to push the idea of UFOs along or maybe just to screw with the witness/participant.

Jose put it this way, in material I got from him for a post I had here on March 6, 2017:

"Let us try to explain what are the basic principles of the DISTORTION THEORY (DT). One of the main points to be clarified, before starting, is that DT does not defend that the UFO phenomenon has a purely psychological, sociological or hallucinatory origin, all contrary, it is PRODUCED, in the first instance, by the INTERACTION / COMMUNICATION OF AN EXTERNAL AGENT UNKNOWN (UAE), INTELLIGENT AND INDEPENDENT TO THE HUMAN BEING, with a witness that describing experiences with UFOs. To achieve its objectives, the EAU "CONNECTS" with the psyche of the observers to "extract", from the individual and exclusive unconscious of them, intellectual material (found in hobbies, culture, cinema, literature, etc.). The purpose of MANUFACTURING / PROJECTING an FICTION ALIEN VISITATION (for example, landing of a flying saucer and its occupants).”
I’ve postulated that Jose’s external agent is a neurological or psychological quirk that causes the encounter scenario, but I can concede that Jose’s “external agent” may, indeed, be an actual construct of some kind, from outside the psyche or physical environment of those who’ve had a weird UFO encounter with beings, seemingly, Jose’s “construct” a force to be reckoned with, “real” and formidable.
I’ve tried to make clear here (and elsewhere) that “instinct” is a euphemism used by psychologists (and scientists) generally for a kind of thought process, that vertebrates, invertebrates, and every other kind of living creature, even plant life; that is, living creatures of all kinds, think. They have intelligence (coupled with their consciousness).
Let’s suppose that Jose’s “external agent” (maybe even many “external agents”) operate within the boundaries of life as we know it on Earth.
And the “external agent” (which some may call God, or that deplorable epithet, The Trickster) interacts with living creatures, parasitically, just for fun or purposefully.
Would that explain why someone like Bach or Mozart or Beethoven or Shakespeare or those Biblical writers, or Leonardo, Picasso, or Andy Warhol were able to create their works of art, music, and drama.
That is, did those geniuses have help from an external agent, one that helped them forge their creations from the residue of their psyches and experiences?
You see, if an “external agent” can be seen to develop UFO scenarios, an “external agent” (or “agents”) could be the prod or catalyst for all the creative enterprises of mankind.
An External Agent would not be limited to offering a UFO scenario. That would be a waste of such an ability or abilities, yes?
While I’m a supporter of Jose’s “theory” (or Vallee’s “controller”), I think that creating the experience of only UFO witnesses is a senseless perversion of such a power, an abrogation of an ability to mold humankind to the whim of a seemingly mad (insane) thing, Jose’s “external agent.”
An “external agent” playing with the minds of doltish humans is a bizarre twist on the religious idea that a satanic being causes men and women to do awful things.
Schizophrenics, tortured by an external agent (or agents) is another possibility within Jose’s magnificent theory.
Why limit The Distortion Theory to just UFO encounters?


  • Understood & thought provoking!..as a theory goes...

    But, wouldn't the "external agent" be the same influence, as from a "satanic being" causing "doltish & intelligent" men & women, to do awful things!?..Schizophrenics the same, yes! Its an interesting thought, in theory.. AND! it could be said;

    Your guardian-angel, is the "external agent" in, influencing our life, as you've mentioned above...

    With both, right or wrong, or good & evil.. both I would think, would have an "external agent" of influence, on all us..............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, March 16, 2017  

  • I can't quite see the notion of an external agent although, however unlikely, it might explain the change of observed objects over time but The Anomolist's link to UFO.It's media's influence on over time is also quite telling:


    I discount the external agent primarily as most reports as sightings come totally unexpected. Add to that sightings by multiple observers.

    As I have said before, I look more toward a physical explanation and of late suggestions that our relatively new awareness of dark matter and dark energy that comprises 90%-ish of what is not perceived makes a whole new universe that we only get a glimpse of on occasion(s) a more likely answer. Consider the impact of learning that there was just 25% or 50% of unknowns, but 90% implies a great blindness.

    It is however possible, or even more likely?, that the external agent notion is part of that if one was to posit dark beings of dark worlds playing hide an seek with us.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Friday, March 17, 2017  

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