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Monday, March 06, 2017

Madness and UFOs and madness, generally

A visitor to this blog (and a UFO aficionado too I think), Theo Paijmas indicated, in a comment or two for a previous post here, that he’s befuddled by my approach to the UFO topic.

I feigned surprise.

I’ve noted Theo a while back as a highly intelligent member of the internet generation.

Yes, I am taken aback by the fact that he hasn’t seen all my postings here (and elsewhere) which make clear that my main concern is madness in humanity, now and since time immemorial.

I don’t think I could have been any clearer about my views, in toto, or as they relate to UFOs, considering my posted titles for the past eleven years at various blogs and especially this one.

The UFO phenomenon intrigues because it remains an enigma after many years and much study by persons who find the phenomenon fascinating.

But underlying (or overlaying may be the better word) is a kind of madness, a subtle form of insanity that permeates the topic, reports about it, and resides within the study of it known as “ufology.”

My view(s) of the behavior of “ufologists” and those who think they’ve seen a UFO is steeped in the idea that a mental qlitch, a neurological malfunction perhaps, is at the root of UFO lore, a madness that has taken hold of UFO believers and UFO skeptics alike.

I have tread rather lightly when addressing my particular UFO crowd, those who visit and comment here, but I think them all a little off-kilter, as am I, when it comes to UFOs.

None of us has a clue as to what the damn things are, but we persist in addressing them as if they matter, and they don’t, in the great scheme of things as I told Theo and recently noted in a piece here.

UFOs are a kind of hobby of mine, and also a kind of past-time for many of you, as Kandinsky mentioned the other day here (in a comment).

That people get worked up about the ephemeral things interests me, more than the things themselves.

Discerning visitors here (like Tim Hebert) knows this I think.

I try and select items that provide a patina that shows what I think about UFOs and the people who exploit them or find them interesting.

Theo left a comment suggesting that I eschew things that (seemingly) matter and have an inordinate concern with UFOs that indicate a kind of madness on my part, and he is not wrong, just unaware that I’ve made that personal point often here and that I have other blogs and sites where I contend with things more rational than UFOs, like news media that I deal with at a number of internet venues and which is adumbrated at one of my Facebook pages.

CDA was a little riled that I wrote here that UFOs were reported by, seen by, and interested in by the lower economic classes of society.

He thought I was over-generalizing but couldn’t bring himself to offer a counter balance to the obvious observation and data that UFO lore provides, making my case.

It’s that snatch of off-thinking that has encrusted the UFO topic since the late 1940s and continues apace now.

And now Theo Paijmans, a man of refinement and good taste, cultured more than most, doesn’t get the point of this blog or my UFO bafflement.

He thinks I’m playing loose with the topic when I’m actually getting at, or trying to, the idea that UFOs like everything else we humans contend with is riddled with or beset by the madness that afflicts mankind, and has since we arose from the ancient muck that cradled us, at the whim of an insane intelligence.



  • When UFO's burst on the scene with Arnold, they certainly wasn't viewed as 'madness' by the military. I think once Blue Book determined they posed no threat (and with just a teensy-weensy number being unexplained), the initial fascination that we might be under close scrutiny by vastly superior intellects faded (was rejected) for the majority of the public, kept alive by the 'true believers'. At this point it's clear that it will go on and on, simply because people will continue to see things in the sky they can't identify. Whether the compelling cases like Socorro mean something weird really *is* going on (to me indicating some intelligence is playing with us, as we play with the characters in an online game) or *all* sightings have prosaic explanations, is what keeps me checking in at Anomalist.com every morning. I don't expect to ever get an answer, but hope to make a decision before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Thursday, March 16, 2017  

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