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Friday, March 10, 2017

No Renascence in Ufology

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I get lots of cooking/menu alerts, and notice that cooks and chefs are trying to revitalize or alter food items by adding odd, esoteric flavors, spices, and new ingredients to bring life to old staples we have become accustom to eating.

Ufology is sort of like that: persons writing about UFOs, me included, keep trying to revitalize the old tales (Roswell, Socorro, Kecksburg, Rendlesham, and all the old hoary UFO chestnuts).

But it’s not working. Ufology is fraught with moth balls and is moribund.

There’s nothing we can write or trot out with “new clothes” that can bring Ufology and UFOs back to life.

And alleged new sightings leave much to be desired when laid side-by-side with the iconic has-been sightings.

Adding a spicy tidbit to an old report doesn’t bring a revelation.

Trying to impose a new explanation for the defunct phenomenon doesn’t work either.

No one really cares, although there is a patina of interest, like those remembrances by friends and family at funerals.

I’m cleaning the cobwebs from my time(s) with UFOs, and I see others doing the same but pretending that UFOs matter, when they clearly do not.

How long can this folly, this madness go on?



  • UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts and lake monsters all exist. Anecdotal evidence is absolutely overwhelming. I've seen one ghost for sure (with a witness next to me) and in more recent times I saw a woman wearing forties type clothing walking a dog on a leash. She was fifty feet in front of me on the sidewalk in broad daylight...and vanished in an eyeblink. There is a parallel world which must exist. Given enough time, this world will be understood as real but parasitic on humanity. Socrates said that man is the measure of all things. If humanity should go into extinction, the creatures and things of the parallel world would follow. A traveler in a time machine viewing the planet 50 million years ago would see animals and plants different from today but easily recognizable in form and function. This traveler would not see UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts or lake monsters because humanity had yet to evolve. They exist because humanity exists. Science ends at this point, replaced by philosphy.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Monday, March 20, 2017  

  • Rich--
    Although it's tempting to proclaim "[n]o one really cares" about the UFO phenomenon anymore, try telling that to the phenomenon itself or the folks who reported over 5500 cases to MUFON last year, all cases said to have occurred in 2016, incidentally. In one year, MUFON received almost half as many cases as Air Force projects investigated in 22 years--and 2016 was a typical year! There has been no significant diminution of sightings in recent years despite the apparent lack of public or media support. And amidst the dreck, complex and wonderful sightings abound--equalling CEIs reported in the 40s or 50s--and this despite a paucity of CEIII and car stoppage cases (a puzzling 35-year trend; could be the subject of another blog for you). At the beginning of 2016, for example, a dramatic radar-visual aircraft case occurred over Utah (a large orange square was reported by a commercial pilot), a case that also features recorded FAA audio between the aircraft and air traffic control center (the retired MUFON radar expert found the case very perplexing); a woman in India saw a lighted, octagonal planar object fly a mere 100 feet over her city bus during rush hour. A bizarre encounter between a sailplane and a UFO looking like a pole flying vertically--with a hemisphere on one end, to boot--occurred over Albany, New York, in 2015. This case received an exhaustive investigation by NARCAP and can be found on its website. It should be considered a classic of ufology, yet it's never discussed by UFO eminences. People writing about and researching UFOs have got to stop concentrating on the great cases of yore and start focussing on what was seen last month, last week, or yesterday, otherwise--you're right!--there will be no renascence in ufology.--Rob Swiatek

    By Blogger Rob Swiatek, at Monday, March 20, 2017  

  • Rob:

    I agree. It would be terrific if UFO buffs and investigators would ferret out the many current reports of lights and zero in on a few UFO sightings (reports) that indicate something more than an ephemeral brightness.

    The problem, as I see it, is that the topic has become deadening to the long-suffering UFO fanatic.

    There is little or no energy-driven interest bursting forth in the societal hustings about UFOs, and a new book I will be talking about upcoming seems to treat the matter (of UFOs) as historical or passe.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 20, 2017  

  • I am one whose huge interest in this subject has waned. The last few newsworthy events (O'hare, Phoenix) are now decades past, and the internet has made previously thrilling conjecture commonplace and boring. Ufology is turning out to be the ectoplasm photos of my generation.

    By Blogger Arcturus, at Tuesday, March 21, 2017  

  • Rich--

    Although glimmers of lights in the sky have bedeviled investigators from the beginning, the UFO subject has always been defined by its best cases, and these continue to be seemingly structured objects of unusual shape and behavior seen at close range in the daylight (I'm aware of the many exceptions). If the long-suffering UFO buffs are deadened to these, then so be it: Sightings continue with their same idiosyncratic consistency with or without them. Whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon appears to be blithely unaware of its "passe" label. And make no mistake, I still see UFOs as a scientific problem that will be resolved--if humans are capable of resolving it--by mainstream scientists and thinkers, not by grunts such as you and I who spend their days in the ufological trenches. The money and muscle are with the mainstream guys, whenever they decide to enter the fray.--Rob Swiatek

    By Blogger Rob Swiatek, at Tuesday, March 21, 2017  

  • Rob:

    I'm going to do a thing, later today I hope, on why science doesn't approach UFOs, why they don't "enter the fray."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 21, 2017  

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