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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Blue Book Meme

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The Air Force’s Project Blue Book has been and continues to be excoriated by UFO buffs, both pro UFOers and con UFOers, the latter not as much as the former.

But I only see UFO skeptics and one UFO ETH proponent and one UFO advocate doing anything that is akin to the effort that Blue Book personnel exerted when it came time to investigate a UFO sighting or event.

Bob Sheaffer, Tim Printy, and French skeptic Gilles Fernandez (and his compatriots) have done and do yeoman’s work when it comes to UFO accounts.

They dig deep into UFO cases, ending up dismissing them, often wrongly (like BB), but offering rational, thorough rebuttals.

David Rudiak and Bruce Maccabee have provided and still provide energized evaluations of UFO cases, old and new, Mr. Rudiak a bit heavy on the extraterrestrial side, but at least providing meaty substance for his views. Bruce has always applied judicious renderings for his views.

As for the rest of the ufological crowd, the work has been slack and cavalier. UFO buffs, of the believing kind, are anxious to leave a mark on UFO topic, usually resorting to half-ass assessments and opinions, as one can see in the commentary at such blogs as Kevin Randle’s and many others.

My pal, Kevin Randle has become a little disengaged lately when it comes to UFOs but his UFO oeuvre is extensive, and a legacy.

Nick Redfern is a UFO/paranormal journalist. He approaches the topic(s) as a reporter, not as an investigator or researcher.

UFO researchers have all but disappeared, “investigators” having become data collectors or UFO folklorists.

That UFO buffs keep dismissing Blue Book, when they, themselves, exert little or no energy to finding or really studying the UFO enigma (phenomenon) is hypocrisy of the blatant kind.

The puddles of commentary, found all over the UFO community, are a testament to sloth or ego-maniacal self-indulgence, both of which have nothing to do with UFO research or investigation.

Those slovenly approaches are what have made the term “ufology” a laughing stock among cognoscenti.



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