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Friday, March 17, 2017

The UFO ET scenario takes a hit [Redfern]


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  • I am very sure that they are ETs from another Starsystems...but maybe there are some kind of shapeshifters, maybe biological or with technology or with supernatural powers. They also can transform their spaceships (Keyword: Roswell-Memory Metal), my opinion, i think that happened during the "Great Airshipwave" 1896/1897.

    My english isnt very good...so i try to explain my view on "UFOs" more accurate. I also think that the so called UFO crashs are not really crashs but something like "Hints" to the mankind of their existence. The pilots of the crashed ships are androids, clones or something like that...my opinion.

    The crashs during the atomic Age are a warning, maybe it they wanted to say with crash: "Look at this, dont come in space with weapons, dont use atomic energy, research our ships so you can find out how clean energy works!"...something like that, you know?

    The UFO Landings...i think some UFO Landings are reproduced military UFOs...but on the other side: some Landingcases in the early 50s are transformed alien spaceships...like that who George Adamski, Howard Menger and so saw.
    This UFOs differ clearly from military UFOs although they are looked like UFO Oldtimers but they dont had "Nuts and Bolds"...they looked like one piece, they light in these ships came from the walls, not from something like a lamp or so.

    That´s the difference between alien UFO Oldtimers and military UFO Oldtimer...its very difficult to assess individual Landingcase because some are fake, and yes...i know that George Adamski have lied sometimes, or what is disinformation ans so.

    I hope you understand my english.

    By Blogger Michael Loengard, at Friday, March 17, 2017  

  • Thank you Michael..

    Your English is fine....we get what you're saying, and it's on point.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 17, 2017  

  • Shall we assign unknown, unstudied, mostly conjectural abilities to these visitors, which are visitors unknown and unstudied to begin with?
    No-one who has read my comments in the past should be surprised by this question.

    All the best,

    By Blogger Woody, at Saturday, March 18, 2017  

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