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Friday, March 17, 2017

Visions of the Peasantry

While perusing The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena by J. Gordon Melton [Visible Ink Press, Canton, MI., 2008] I refreshed my information of the many Marian apparitions (alleged visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus/Christ) reported by members of the peasant class: Lourdes, Fatima, Medjucorje, Our Lady Mediatrix in the Philippines, Our Lady of Kevelaer in Germany, Our Lady of the Roses in Queens, New York, La Salette in France, et al.

That those in the lower economic class, many uneducated, had visions of The Virgin Mary, is the underlying status of such sightings, such experiences.
This has also been the case with visions of UFOs (flying saucers) and especially those UFO reports indicating UFO encounters with beings (or creatures).

While the avid interest of UFOs has been exacerbated by some highly educated men and women (those with a higher than usual education) who’ve acted as researchers, of a kind, the vast contingent of UFO buffs come from the little educated, particularly in the humanities, and surely those in the middle economic or lower economic classes.
Does this tell us something about the workings of the mind, or the access of a force or forces (such as Caravaca’s “external agent” or Vallee’s non-human, psychical manipulator)?

Or do the lower classes, uneducated and intellectually impoverished, have uninhibited consciousnesses, open minds of some sort that others on a higher mental level don’t have?

UFO skeptics close their minds to the obvious, that UFOs exist and are seen by normal people, persons lacking in wealth or high education, but otherwise normal.

My contact with UFO buffs and those who think they’ve seen a UFO, including myself, show them to be, either gullible or highly impressionable, quick to visualize “things” that may be categorized as elements of the paranormal: UFOs, ghosts, fairies, elves, sea monsters, Big Foot, and other queer or unusual apparitions, the Mother of Jesus among them.

Are those who pursue the visualizations of this underclass of individuals just as intellectually or economically impoverished?

That is, do the “creatures from the id” sneak into the minds (the consciousness) of peasants more readily than they do with persons who have more relevant, more “important” things to contend with in their lives?

Is this the source of UFOs? The UFO reality?



  • This approach is very interesting, I have studied a lot about the motives or conjunctions of facts that must be given for the external agent to penetrate the mind of the witnesses ... and this is a key ... a white mind .. .
    And you're definitely not naive...


    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Friday, March 17, 2017  

  • Good afternoon,

    Some Marian and white lady apparitions may be columnar earth lights appearing near the ground. My avatar is a scale accurate reconstitution of such a phenomenon. I investigated that case personally. The luminous, fluorescent green column emerged slowly from the ground in about 1 minute and its final shape was the pointed column I drew. It then disappeared suddenly. The phenomenon occurred at late afternoon during daylight. Compare it with the first drawing of the article.



    By Blogger Rare phenomena lover, at Saturday, March 18, 2017  

  • Thanks Jean...

    That might account for a few such apparitions, but is excluded by vocalizations and messages left with the witnesses in the Marian cases and physical traces in UFO encounters.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, March 18, 2017  

  • Here is to add 1 possible answer to the question;

    Why did a supposed God-incarnate known as Sathya Sai Baba chose to be born in India; a baby-shi**ing country of poor, undereducated and superstitious people? Because in these kind of places can this God amass worshippers in big scores. And what would the God do with those followers; what difference would it make whether or not It managed to get any worshipper at all? George Kavassilas (a YouTube-alleged shape-shifting reptoid --in my belief, of the benevolent kind) answers it logically in his book Our Universal Journey;

    This “God” (through Its minions, including the ones working on images of Mother Mary in the parts of the world dominated by Christianism) hungers for devotional energy of worship which It harvests from believing people.

    Adding up to what Kavassilas claims, Buddha in the Brahmajala Sutta explained that the ultimate existential question is not about whether the entity which the Hindus believed as Maha Brahma (and Judeo-Christians believe as Yahweh/ Jehovah and Muslims believe as Allah) truly exists, but whether or not It is indeed eternally unchanging, as well as being the sole creator of everything there is and everything there will be. The following also explains why most of the superstitious India rejected Buddhism (which paradoxically was praised by Einstein as the only religion being most compatible with modern science). Due to writing-space limitation I cannot quote here; anyone interested will just have to read it in chapter 3 of Brahmajala Sutta; Speculations on the Past (Pubbantakappika); second section (Partial-Eternalism/ Ekaccasassatavāda) view 5.

    Now some will say that Sathya Sai Baba was Satan or one of Its minions, and therefore “How hard for them to deceitfully manipulate their own aura to look and feel devine?”. Valid question. And for that, my answer is; exactly! God and Satan is indeed one and the same LOL. The eternally un-answerable question of freewill and predestination (at least by religions claiming that the creator of all there is exists only as an eternally unchanging entity) shows that in order to have power over everything, God must also establish and maintain control over the things we humans consider “unpleasant”, including but not limited to, Satan and everything that is (labelled as) evil.

    Adherents of Judaism, Christianism and Islamism are happy in their ignorance to the logically inevitable fact that Satan also works for their God, and that there is nothing do-able by Satan which has not been predestined to happen in advance by the one and only, creator-and-source-of-everything, God.

    While the God of Islamism admits (despite contradicting other verses that Muslim writers often cherry-pick in their Taqqiya-based presentations) that everything had been predestined in advance, like when It ^told^ the Prophet of Islamism that Adam has been predestined to eat the forbidden fruit some 40 years before he was even created (Sahih Muslim Book 33 Hadith 6409; see also Muslim Book 33 Hadith 6241 pertaining to the share of adultery of every male human) or when the death of an underaged boy killed as a casualty of war should not be regretted because “like his parents, he would’ve grown up to be another infidel anyway” (Sahih Muslim Book 33 Hadith 6434, in relation to Quran sura 18:73), the God of Judeo-Christianism waffles around with semantics and word games to avoid being associated with evil. Look at how It tries to present an “alternative fact” in the following verse, LOL: Romans 8:28: "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His promise." If "this" God only takes care of the good things, is there another God managing the evil ones? Or should we ask Trump's “Alternative Fact Checker-Team” to(re)define what “Almighty” exactly means?

    Now pertaining to UFO sightings being more common among the poor, is the explanation that they tend to spend more time outdoors than rich people being taken into account?

    By Blogger Faresalis Bookcarrier, at Thursday, March 30, 2017  

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