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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our “romances” with UFOs and the banality of benign UFOs today

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Most UFO buffs of a certain age have a UFO case (sighting) or two with which they had a “romance” – romance as a “love affair.”

For me it was the 1964 Socorro incident that newspaper tied me to because of a visitation to the site and the 1966 Ann Arbor/Dexter “swamp gas” sighting(s) because of my work for The Detroit NEWS at the time.

For my pal Kevin Randle, I think Roswell is the one UFO (flying disc) event that he’s attached to, reminiscing about the “affair” still.

For Ray Stanford, his George Adamski and Socorro attachments remain libidinous.

Stanton Friedman, a solid family man, has given attention to many UFO events (Roswell, the alleged Hills “abduction” et cetera) properly and restrainedly, no heavy breathing for him.

For Frank Warren, the UFO Chronicles maven, his romantic interludes have centered on the Aztec tale and the purported 1942 Battle of Los Angeles.

For those a bit younger, such as my buddy Nick Redfern, his attachment to all aspects of the paranormal are similar to a rock and roller visiting a brothel; he loves it (them) all.

A guy like asexual Mac Tonnies (rest his soul) was attuned to UFOs and other oddities like a poet, abstract in his “love” of out of the ordinary things, UFOs among them.

I could go on, but you know who is attached romantically to certain UFO affairs and who isn’t, persons without a libido or romantic bone in their body.

Today’s UFO aficionados (buffs), the youngsters among them, have no romantic attachments to any of the older flying saucer sightings or events, except as a hint of something exciting they missed out on.

UFOs today don’t offer a chance for “romance,” being benign and banal compared to the “loves” of the past, when a flying saucer or UFO incident raised blood pressure and some parts of the anatomy.

It’s a Freudian “reality” of which I am writing, and some of you understand, I’m sure.

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