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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Old-fashioned UFOs: A follow-up to previous Non-ET UFO piece

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While reading the current [2017] issue of WIRED magazine, I notice that items and artifacts of our present human existence are more futuristic than the alleged artifacts and elements said to be seen by witnesses in their UFO sightings.

I know this has been broached before -- the archaic, old-fashioned Airship constructs, for instance -- but it become obvious that UFOs, as "sighted" or experienced, are short of what one would expect from and advanced space traveling race.

In the WIRED magazine, at hand, is a story about Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino City, California; the article sub-titled, interestingly, on the magazine's cover: "Inside Apple's Insanely Great [or just insane] New Mothership," the designation coming from the HQ's architectural design as you can see in the cover picture here.

But it's not that alone that puts the UFO "reality" in perspective. When you gather together all the factoids and detritus from UFO witness testimony, whether from Ezekiel or Betty Hill or Stephan Michalak, you should note how primitive the crafts are.

And the witness testimony is supported by what few flying saucer or UFO photos we have that might be authentic.

The 1896 Airship craze in America, mostly California, is fraught with ships barely flying they are so beleaguered by their heft and construction.

And flying saucers depicted right up to today, some supposedly seen up close, as in the Travis Walton episode or the Robert Taylor scuffle -- an AI thing as I see it -- are not anywhere as near advanced as one might expect from a space-faring species.

Adamski's chicken-brooder contraption typified the flying saucers (UFOs) purportedly spotted by "real" witnesses long after Adamski foundered and disappeared.

We see advanced objects all around us -- iPhones, laptop computers, driverless cars, even aircraft -- that put UFOs to shame, constructively and futuristic in nature.

If UFOs were actually spacecraft from an advanced species, they wouldn't crash, as the Roswell incident has it, nor would they look so ramshackle and rudimentary as described by those who think they've seen one or interacted with one.

So, ET believers, give up your "fantasy" -- your delusion: UFOs may be something but they certainly are not extraterrestrial spacecraft from Planet 9.



  • Quote:

    "So, ET believers, give up your "fantasy" -- your delusion: UFOs may be something but they certainly are not extraterrestrial spacecraft from Planet 9."

    I think that the ETs or one Race of ETs are some kind of Shapeshifters. Maybe that do it with Technology or supernatural Powers or they use biological Skills to transform in "Earthlings". My opinion is that they transform their DNA into human DNA.

    Some Animals from Earth can do that:


    So why not also ETs? Dr. Steven M Greer but also others told that "UFOs" are biological Machines, Spaceships and so i think they can do it, too - transform from Spaceships to Airships during "The great Mystery Airship Wave" from Nov. 1896 - April/May 1897 or "Oldtimer-UFOs" in the 50s and 60s Years or the alien Crews Members from ETs to "Earthlings". I think they do that so as not to frighten us.

    Maybe i am wrong, its only my personal Opinion but the reason why i am think that Is the following: During the Airship Wave there were some Landingcase of this "Airships" and Witnesses of that... Always when they landed their are normal Humans, look like Earthlings but after the Airship Crash in Aurora, Texas the one dead Crewmember who has been buried at the Aurora Cemetery were a little Roswell-Like human-looking "Creature" or Alien or ET.

    I mean...of course the People at this Time dont know the Origin of the "Creature" but they knew that some kind of that such a creature could never have been born on the Earth.

    And further: In dont think that so-called UFO Crashes are really Crashes...i think that the Crashed staged for the human Mankind with some kind of Clones of the real Crews. Maybe it works like in the Movie "Avatar", the Bodies of a Crewmember has been cloned without Consciousness so that the real Crewmember can link to this body like in the Movie "Avatar".

    The reason why they did that? I dont know...maybe they wanted to give a proof of their Existence, in Roswell maybe to give Non-Atomic Technologies to the Mankind.

    It is not surprising for me that the Spaceships or Airships came to a Time of the beginning the Industrialization of Mankind.

    By Blogger Michael Loengard, at Thursday, May 25, 2017  

  • Michael,

    Interesting observations, but it goes against my view that extraterrestrials would be more absorbed by other places, planets, and civilizations in the cosmos, not Earth because we are so puny and insignificant.

    Convince me why ETs would be spending so much time here rather than elsewhere.

    Even we (NASA and astrophysicists) are looking for life and interesting places elsewhere in the Universe or Galaxy. Why even Mars is more interesting to many than Earth itself.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, May 25, 2017  

  • Maybe there are Guardians and adjust to the man's not destroyed the Earth.

    It seems to be that Ancient Aliens live here on Earth. There is a interessting Book here in Germany from Author Gernot L. Geise, the Book called "Wir sind Außerirdische" in german, in english that means "We are Aliens". I dont know if the Book is available in other Countries or in english but the Authors Theory is that giant Aliens came in the Past with an big Generationship in our Solarsystem and settled on Mars. And then Mars lost his Atmosphere and dried out. The Giants came on Earth but the gravity were to heavy and the Atmosphere to close. So the giant ETs created genetically Humans with their own DNA and the DNA of Homo Erectus to adapt on Earth.

    I dont know if it happened so or similar but the Tales in the Bible (Old and New Testament) support these thoughts. Maybe thats the reason why ETs spending so much Time here. Giant ETs intervened in the development of the Earth but they were not allowed to that and others ETs, the Guardians, ended that but the "Child had already fallen into the Well", dont know if that Phrase also exist in english.

    When something happen and it should not happen, we are in Germany say the Phrase "Das Kind ist schon in den Brunnen gefallen" = "The Child had already fallen into the Well"

    So this Guardian ETs maybe allowed the Giant ETs to stay on Earth but they must no longer interfere with the development of the Earth and such Guardian ETs monitor that.

    Dr. Steven M Greer told that there exist indeed some kind of Guardians and that Planets like the Earth with aggressive Species will be monitor by them. He told that such Planets are under arest or quarantine and this Guardians ensure for Peace in the Universe...maybe he tells us Bullshit but i had long thought about it. And i think if there exist aggressiv Species in the Universe which move freely in the Universe we would not have been attacked long ago?

    And further, when there are some kind of "Star Wars" in the Universe Astronomers would not have noticed anything about it? But the Universe is silent as a grave.
    Its pretty sure that there are other Civilisations in the Universe, also higher developed Civilisations and its also sure thats not all of them are peaceful and friendly...but where are they? Why no hints of Star Wars in outer Space or Attacks from them? The only logical Explanation is: There are some kind of Police in outer Space who protected other Planets with primitive Species and arrested aggressive Species on their Homeworlds. Thats my thoughts why we have so much alien "Visitors" and they came increased from a Time as we are Humans began to experiment with atomic Weapons.

    I think also thats the reason why there are here but dont land at the White House! We must learn Peace ourself and not direct by ETs from outer Space. Its the same Thing as american Soldiers came to Afghanistan or Iraq and try to bring Democracy to them...but the People there dont know how Democracy really works and dont understand that because they are used to it to be governed by Mullahs.

    By Blogger Michael Loengard, at Friday, May 26, 2017  

  • And now introduce yourself there ETs with biomechanical Spaceships and supernatural Powers and so...we would not understand it. The Point is the same with UFOs...some UFO Fans think that UFOs living Beings with their own Consciousness because they occurrence us so lively. But when we see how People interact with Robots for example in Japan because there are already Service Robots in Hospitals and we interact with them like Humans because they simulate human feelings but they dont have human feeling. Humans tend to watch dead things as "alive"...some People give Names to their Cars. :D

    I think thats the same like UFOs and some People think that UFOs are not from outer Space and there living Beings from where also they come. And then it emerges fortean UFO Fans or Books of John Keel and so.

    But that is only my Opinion...maybe i´m wrong, maybe not, maybe you´re right or not. The only Thing what i dont like is when UFOs became a religious character and we make a step back to zhe middle Ages.

    By Blogger Michael Loengard, at Friday, May 26, 2017  

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