UFO Conjectures

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Those UFO Lights

When I get Google UFO Alerts (notices and links) to UFO articles found in media and the internet, the preponderance of “sightings’ are headlined as lights [sic].

And all of you know that lights, often blue or green, have been part of the reports or vocalized sightings in the UFO record (lore).

But as I’ve noted before, here and elsewhere, this seems odd to me.

How is it that an alleged alien (extraterrestrial) species would be using lights, and in color spectrums, like that which we humans use and which were developed by inventors here, starting with Ptolemy and other earlier “scientists/philosophers, and inventors (listed by Wikipedia: Humphry Davy, James Bowman Lindsay, Moses G. Farmer, William E. Sawyer, Joseph Swan and Heinrich Göbel ) ending with the likes of Edison and  his incandescent bulbs, and LEDS today, among newer analogs?

Evolution, not only of our species, but in human invention and discovery, is unique to the many factors that make up the Earth, as I’ve often noted – geologic development and transition, geographic placement, daily existence and its vicissitudes, meteorological elements, and human interactions, among other things.

No sentient species in the Universe would evolve as humans have, nor would their “invented artifacts” (such as lights) mimic ours.

This, alone, puts the so-called Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, not only in doubt, but outside commonsense and intelligent discourse.

No extraterrestrial craft, if there were ever such a thing, would have lights like those that adorn human aircraft or human facilities.

The idea is ludicrous.