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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Alleged Vilas-Boas Symbol

A few weeks ago, I noted the symbol that Antônio Vilas-Boas, the Brazilian farmer, who was purportedly kidnapped in 1957, and examined, by extraterrestrials, said he saw on the wall of the craft to which he was taken by alien beings.

Here’s the symbol that Boas said he saw aboard the craft:
Bosco Nedelcovic an A,I,D./CIA operative, told me that the Vilas-Boas “kidnapping” was a military psychology operation (psy-op) he was privy to, the details of which you may find in Nick Redfern’s Contactees book.

Whether or not Nedelcovic was prevaricating is open to question, but the alleged symbol comes from Vilas-Boas himself.

A comparison of the Vilas-Boas symbol with common mathematical symbols shows a similarity that suggests either Vilas-Boas’ kidnappers were aliens [ETs] using universal (as in the cosmos) math symbols, or military people incorporating math symbols on their craft (said to be a helicopter by Nedelcovic), or an attempt at creating a faux alien symbol to supplement a confabulation by farmer Vilas-Boas.

Math Symbols and the Vilas-Boas “alien” markings, side-by-side:
The Vilas-Boas tale has intrigued UFO buffs for a long time. I don’t think it was a hoax concocted by Antônio.

Something rings true in his reported account, but not necessarily an alien abduction.

Here’s Wikipedia’s take on the Vilas-Boas incident:


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