UFO Conjectures

Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017, The Loss of Ufologists (and they’re still alive!)

While I’m still blathering about odd-ball UFO explanations and detritus, and Kevin Randle continues to hope his readers get educated to the point where they begin to comprehend his precise, articulate postings, and Gene Steinberg persists in requesting financial help to stay afloat, other ufologists, all of them brilliant and comprehensive when UFOs are being discussed, have left the fold; that is, they have chosen to withdraw from the UFO debates or community altogether.

CDA (Christopher Allan), the noted British ufologist, told me, recently, that he’s taking a reprieve from the UFO topic, mostly to cope with his country’s Brexit and other issues.

Canadian Paul Kimball is exerting all his efforts toward movie making, politics, and gathering comments at his Facebook page.

Lance Moody only asserts an aside now and then, while indulging in who knows what.

Jerome Clark has withdrawn to reclusive solitude in the upper Midwest, unheard for a
longish time now.

And where is the magnificent Bruce Maccabee, his web-site URL up for sale?

Then there’s John Keel…..oh wait, he’s actually dead, but few would know that from all the attention he still gets from UFO buffs, online and off.

Sure, there are a retinue of UFO writers, but they, like me, are without important UFO bona fides, Kevin Randle being one of the last credible, significant ufologists online (and alive) today.

Some might write that the deserters are like rats leaving a sinking ship, but I see them as smart guys who refuse to hover over the mouldering corpse known as Ufology.