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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Little green what?

Politically incorrect today, but not in June 1955.

From a Detroit newspaper, probably The Detroit TIMES.

(Mouse over image to see it full scan.)


The Scoriton Affair

This blog posted, in 2007, a piece on the 1965 Scoriton episode:


Several other bloggers took that posting and reproduced it, intact, without attribution, a common ethical lapse among UFO bloggers:

Silvio Namastre in...

Irene Croutville in ...

And ...

But that's not the point of this posting.

Eileen Buckle was solicited, by Gary Taylor, one of the original RRRGroup fellows, to work with us but then we became embroiled in the brouhaha between Ms. Buckle and Norman Oliver, who, Ms. Buckle was quick to demean.

Norman Oliver sent us his take on the scuffle with Ms. Buckle and his observations about the Scoriton affair:
While Gary was handling the matter, he got my friend Lucius Farish somewhat involved:
(You can read Lucius' letter by mousing over it and clicking it.)

But the whole matter is complicated by Bosco Nedelcovic's assertion that the Scoriton incident was a CIA and military psy-op (covered in Nick Redfern's book Contactees).

I had been hesitant to promote the psy-op allegation of Nedelcovic, but once it was shown that he was, indeed, a CIA operative working as a translator for the U.S. military and an A.I.D. staffer who was in Brazil during the Vilas-Boas "abduction" and apparently had access to files or information on the Scoriton event, I've taken an interest in both the Vilas-Boas story and the almost forgotten but intriguing Scoriton tale.

You might find Scoriton interesting also, even the dust-up between Ms. Buckle and Mr. Oliver, both credible and nice persons outside of their disageement(s).


A 1973 Detroit NEWS item you might find interesting

The photo fascinates (because it mimics the Adamski contrivance).

It's one of the few clippings where I have a date, the lack of dates, bemoaned here earlier.

(You can read the piece by mousing over the image and clicking.)


T he Pre-Publication promotion of the Berlitz-Moore Roswell book

Here's a pre-publication piece [circa 1979-1980] by Berlitz/Moore for their book The Roswell Incident.
I've left the full photo intact so you can read it clearly, by mousing over image and clicking.


Ah, the innocent UFO period

From LOOK magazine 3/21/67:

UFO stuff

I'm going through my UFO collection of UFO material and everything else I've collected about the topic over the years including thousands of newspaper clippings my mother (rest her soul) gathered from newspapers and magazines and saved and sent to me, wherever I was: England, Canada, Florida, et cetera.

(I promised this stuff to Frank Warren, but since we seem to have had a falling out, I have to find another UFO radical to, eventually, give this collection to....)

Here's the outstanding LOOK magazine on the UFO phenomenon. It contains the array of  the UFO milieu in 1967 and should be a must for anyone who wants to see the vibrancy of the UFO topic back then:
I'm sure you can find copies on eBay or other internet venues. I highly recommend this sojourn into the UFO era, when the mysterious phenomenon was topical and full of life, in media and with the public.