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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A Few More Things from my UFO Hoard

I found a March 2002 copy of The Reall News with an exegesis by my friend Martin Kottmeyer of the sexual aspects (probes, et cetera) cited by alleged UFO abductees.

The topic is icky for me (Sorry, Martin) even though I think that abduction tales are suppressed (repressed) remembrances or sometimes fantasies by those who sublimate the memory or wish by making it into a UFO kidnapping rather than a rape or molestation.

So many children accounts in the Rosales’ Humanoid Encounters books have elements of remembered (traumatic) sexual memories [See Freud’s adjusted works on the topic] that one can only conclude, psychoanalytically, that something of a sexual nature took place and was made into a UFO encounter by the victim.

That aside, Martin’s elaboration (page one anyway; the paper must be online somewhere) can be read, by those of you interested in the topic, by mousing over the image and clicking on the scan to enlarge it:
And can anyone tell me if The Reall News is still extant? Martin?

And here are a few pages I cut out of a magazine, not noted by me nor dated, a fault of mine that is unforgiveable, perhaps, but I used to think that a UFO timeline was not relevant to the phenomenon, only to realize in my dotage that the time of UFO sightings and materials are pertinent to context and research:
Within the undated pages was this piece by Cedric Allingham, as you can see.
In it, the nom de plumed author, in reality, the once esteemed British astronomer and author Patrick Moore provides his conversation with a Martian visitor, even going so far as to get confirmation from his Martian pal that the dark spots on Mars were, indeed, canals made by man [sic].

You can read about Moore and his demented escapade here:

This is the book that Allingham/Moore created and foisted on gullible UFO buffs.
This is the kind of nonsense that sank the UFO phenomenon for less credulous people.