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Friday, February 03, 2017

NICAP's UFO Investigator [1965]

This sample page of The UFO Investigator from NICAP for 1965 offered, besides the Pretoria, South Africa UFO encounter witnessed by police officers, two things (circled in red) that I found interesting:
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An occasional visitor to this blog wondered why I and others think that the U.S. Navy knows more than the U.S. Air Force about the UFO phenomenon.

In all the materials I've read, gathered, and put online over the years, the U.S. Navy's presence keeps showing up in the shadows.

Early on, I presented examples of Navy intrusions in major UFO/flying saucer sightings and events.

Anyone who has followed the UFO enigma for some time, and paid attention, they'd see the Navy's sometimes blatant but often surreptitious handiwork and interest in UFOs.

As in the NICAP piece above, the Navy is never very far from the UFO action.

(I'll have more on this, upcoming.)

The other item, circled in red, deals with the linguistics of a possible extraterrestrial species; it would be different for biological, anatomical, and evolutionary reasons, as I noted a few weeks ago here and have pummeled readers with many times.

No species, from elsewhere in the cosmos, would evolve as we have. Their world and possible civilizations would proceed along such different lines than that of Earth, no similarity to humans would be possible, unless.....(and this for Daniel) humans were "seeded" by an alien race, the Panspermia notion, which I'll be providing more about, in a day or so, from a 1974 Saturday Evening Post article.


For Zoam Chomsky and his minions (and his challengers)

This clipping from Fate magazine, is attached to several pages of witnessed UFO accounts:
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If there is "no such thing as a flying saucer," a lot of paper and time has been wasted by crazy people.


Memory Distortion in Alien Abduction Accounts

This is the opening paragraph in a 2002 Journal of Abnormal Psychology paper Memory Distortion in People Reporting Abductions by Aliens by Susan A. Clancy, Richard J. McNally, Daniel L. Schacter, Mark F. Lenzenweger (from Harvard) and Roger K. Pitman (Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital):
(I've provided the full scan so interested persons can mouse over the text and click to enlarge it for reading.)

I've presented such views, from various disciplines (Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Neurology) here, at this blog and elsewhere recently and in previous years.

As I noted in a posting here a few days ago, many of the encounters listed in Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters books -- most recalled from memory -- smack of sexual episodes that victims have suppressed or repressed and only come back as a fantasy-like tale involving creatures or beings from space or nether worlds (as in the succubus and incubus renderings of medieval times).

Hypnosis, denigrated by Freud, eventually, replaced by "free association, was, long ago, eschewed by psychoanalytic practitioners and psychologists.

That it is used, still, by some in ufology quackery is alarming and unethical.

N.B. The full paper, from which I've selected the paragraph above, may be found online I suspect.


An Imaginative Conjecture that I applaud....

This is the title page Leon Davidson's 1977 four-page creative endeavor to interpret the "popular" Lonnie Zamora/Socorro symbol.
(I've provided the page full scan so that interested readers can mouse over the image, and click to read it.)

I communicated with Dr. Davidson several times in the late 1970s; those occasions noted here, at this blog and elsewhere.

He, on pages 2 and 3 of this paper, emphasizes the importance of symbols, allegedly seen by UFO witnesses, an emphasis I agree with, as many of you know.

(I can provide scans of the other pages of the paper, if anyone is interested.)

The problem with Dr. Davidson's suggestion here (a CIA symbol) is that there has been controversy about what was the real symbol seen and drawn by Officer Zamora. (Kevin Randle and I have presented the controversy several times, to the point of tedium for some. I won't regurgitate the matter here.)

Some of you have (or should have) Dr. Davidson's 1976 compilation of the Air Force's Blue Book material, pictured here and available online, I think, and at Columbia University's site:
No one, currently, has provided as much serious effort to determine what the UFO reality was or is than Leon Davidson. Today's ufologists are a little cavalier and sensationalist when it comes to the UFO topic.

Speculation, such as that in Dr. Davidson's paper, is grist for imaginative conjecture, that while often a bit goofy, like mine, offers imaginative thinking that can bring the UFO enigma into focus perhaps.


LIFE magazine's take on the 1950s UFO/being encounters in France

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I've left the photo full size so that interested readers can access the content, I hope.

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These are some of the sightings, only in France, in the early and mid-1950s. (Other similar sightings took place in Italy, Spain, and other European countries, mostly villages, as you know.)

Note the reference to "Martian men" -- the use of which created an extraterrestrial meme we are struggling to deal with today.


Other Universes

Here is a piece from Science News [Volume 105, February 16, 1974] that presents the views, of that time, about the possibility of other universes besides the one we see or occupy.

(I've left the scan full size so that those of you following my thoughts, and your own, about the Big Bang, the singularity, space time, et al. can read it. Mouse over and click to enlarge.)

One of the paradoxical comments in the piece, by Dietrick E. Thomsen, is this:

" ... the principal of causality, which says that neither information nor energy can be transmitted faster than light, is not violated in the the tachyon universe (see article). Though the tachyons themselves go faster than light, their radiation, which is the only way they can transmit energy or information, does not." [Page 109]