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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A 1967 "UFO Sighting" that isn't a "UFO Sighting"?

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A 1967 sighting in Cussac, Cantal France, which I’ve noted in the past here, strikes me as a paranormal event more than a UFO encounter, and I’m inclined to believe that the sighting, while not an extraterrestrial intrusion, still falls into the category of humanoid sightings from an otherworldly reality.

You can read about the sighting at these links.

And Kevin Randle makes a mention of it in his book The UFO Dossier.

I’m prone to accept, as many of you know, the observations and witness accounts from and by children, who don’t have a predilection to hoax or lie, despite the anti-child stance of some skeptics and UFO believers.

Also, children are not generally prone to have elaborate hallucinations, and this sighting is, indeed, elaborate and too finely detailed to be imagined.

(Images are from the noted linked sites.)


Nick Redfern's latest book: 365 Days of UFOs

I just got Nick's newest endeavor, pictured above.

What a terrific way to present UFO stories!

There are the familiar iconic tales (Roswell, Rendlesham, the Arnold sighting, et al.) but a plethora of other incidents and sightings that even the most jaded ufologist will not recall or know about.

Nick approaches UFOs and the paranormal as a journalist. Ya gotta love that. (Few writers, if any, have the acumen for real reporting.)

I'll not review the book (since I had to buy it instead of getting it as a freebie), but I will be "stealing" a few of the "days" for postings here.

That written, I suggest you hie thyself to Amazon, the Anomalist, or other book service/store to get your copy. This book is essential reading for the real UFO buff, and even those who aren't.


Gondwana: home of our advanced ancestors?

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The current TIME magazine [February 20, 2017] on its For the Record page [8] writes that the remnants of the “lost’ continent Gondwana have been found., according to the journal Nature Communications.

Gondwana was formed, according to “science,” 200,000,000 (200 million!) years ago.

Is it possible that Graham Hancock’s suggestions in his oeuvre (Magicians of the Gods, Fingerprints of the Gods, et cetera) that mankind has evolved and devolved many times over the life span of the Earth, becoming temporarily extinct by natural or self-inflicted disasters?
(I hope I’m doing justice to Mr. Hancock’s views.)

If mankind was technologically advanced, where are the remains of such technology?

Would a hundred or two hundred million year span wipe out any residue of technology?

(The age of Mars is 4.503 billion years, allowing for civilizations there to arise and disappear at least once or many times. Is that why NASA is so intent on searching for “life” or its remnants on the planet?)
Could we understand or know what we might find here on Earth as a previous technology?

(Alien Astronaut theorists point to engravings or interlocked stone walls as evidence of advanced alien technology; pathetic.)

An advanced human technology might be so far removed from our current understanding and technology that science couldn’t decipher it as technology just as humans of a few hundred years ago couldn’t understand our computers or smart phones, or even the 1899 technology brought to King Arthur’s Court in Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee
We are dealing with unknown things, all over the place.

No wonder we are so confused by our apparent reality.


Indrid Cold?

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Back in 1966 a spectral individual showed up in various venues and captured the imagination of those intrigued by such things.

When I looked for internet links about the thing or person encountered, I found commentary from two skeptics I know, my pal Lance Moody and PurrlGurrl, both of whom seemed to be fascinated by the Indrid Cold story as recently as 2014.

Here are links to the tales(s):

Again, what seems like an hallucinatory episode for non-connected persons, occurs in a way that bespeaks an inter-connected reality that becomes ephemeral in that the “sightings” take place in a determinate period of time) and then dissipate, not to occur again, except in the interest of those like me, Lance, or PurrlGurrl.

What was or is the import of such evanescent events, and why does it matter, or does it?

(Image above from sources linked here.)


Art (cave paintings and Renaissance) Showing Extraterrestrials?

From Google UFO alerts:


Such depictions are odd, surely, but do they show representations of unEarthly alien visitors?

Aye, that's the rub: what are the strange images really indicating?


The 1966 Westall UFO....er, Balloon Incident?

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A sighting, by a bevy of students and teachers, of a strange "thing" in a grove of pine trees in Westall, a suburb of Clayton South, Victoria, Australia, in 1966 created interest then and ongoing, as those who saw the "thing" had a witness reunion at Westall Tennis Club Hall, on April 8th, 2006, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the incident according to Wikipedia:


The Herald Sun provided an "explanation" for the sighting. Click HERE to read that.

Why do I post a note about this apparently mundane sighting?

It strikes me as odd that cognizant observers would mistake a balloon, no matter how extraordinary that balloon may have been, for something other than what it really was.

Lay persons would call the sighting a case of mass hysteria, and it may have been, or, better, an induced hallucination.

But such an explanation stretches psychological credulity, a little bit.

(I experienced something similar, which I've written about before here. Years ago, while outside a school, waiting for one of my kids, with other parents of children, we all saw a bona fide UFO coming towards us in the sky. We were all excited to the point of a subtle kind of hysteria, as the UFO meandered, closer and closer....until it turned and showed us it was the Goodyear blimp on its way to a nearby destination.)

Yes, prosaic things can be mistaken for extraordinary things, and called UFOs.

The Westall incident was one of those.....perhaps.

N.B. Image above from the internet, and found at so many venues that I don't know to whom I can attribute the original.


A Request from our friend Jean

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

I post under the name « Rare phenomena lover » and I would like to have something to be published and expertised. Also, if you know somebody who understands Russian, that would help a lot.

The story is that a man, Valery Yakimov, who lives in Molebka in the Perm region in Russia has taken a video of something that could be an earth light appearing near the ground. Yakimov himself considers the alleged phenomenon to be surnatural in origin. The video was taken August 11, 1995 at 14:30 local time.

The problem is that other persons doubt the authenticity of the video but as I don’t understand  Russian I cannot figure what they say. The little that I know is that Yakimov said that he had hard times framing the luminous phenomenon correctly in his camera as he had difficulties in seeing it in the viewfinder. However, this was explained by supporters of the authenticity of the sighting by the fact that Yakimov had a S-VHS camcorder that had a monochrome viewfinder and thus it was difficult to distinguish from red (the color of the luminous sphere) and green (the surrounding trees).

But another criticism is that Valery Yakimov offered his services after as a field guide and the interested persons pay him to go to the sites where strange phenomena are supposed to be observed. As these people always come back empty handed, the value of the initial sighting is questioned.

In my opinion, if the video is a hoax, it was taken by filming the forest through a window and the red sphere was a reflection of a lamp conveniently placed behind the window.

So the  video is at that link :

The part about the luminous phenomenon is from the beginning to about 6 :14 The criticism is HERE :

The video is no longer on the web, so I saved the copy I downloaded. I have also included a video that is supposed to be close to the initial raw footage of the red sphere.

The Perm region is supposed to be a hot spot like Hessdalen in Norway.

Thanks in advance,

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