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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Nick Redfern UFO article


Balsa wood and UFOs (plus a few asses)

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Over at my pal, Kevin Randle's blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com), Kevin put a note about balsa wood that appeared in a military memo that some have tried to tie to the Roswell incident (Kevin included also).

Go and read the asinine comments. They display the ignorance that occupies much of the UFO topic.

Balsa wood is endemic to various tropical countries of this Earth:


That an alien species, implied by some of the ET believers that hang out at Kevin's blog, would have access to trees, unique to Earth and its Darwinian evolution is ludicrous; spaceships traveling here from the outer reaches of space built of model airplane construction materials is more than a laugh, it's madness.

And while the commentary about balsa constructed aircraft of Earth may apply -- a "crash" of a test plane near Roswell in 1947 -- the commentary is likewise ludicrous.

The Roswell debris was so sparse that it had to be the remnants of a balloon array or something similar.

That the argument against a balloon as the "prime suspect" for the Roswell hubbub still resonates with many UFO buffs is not just sad, it's a prime example of delusional ignorance.

Some think (as seen in comments here previously) that such foolishness as exhibited by Kevin's followers is cute. I do not think it is.

The ongoing stupidity of the Roswell "arguments" is a madness I keep writing.

That madness is killing the UFO matter, as some of Kevin's regular commenters (PurrlGurrl and Lance Moody among them) keep pointing out.

Balsa wood and UFOs: a not funny or cute addendum to the UFO phenomenon.


Encounters with "Tall Whites" (a vibrant/embedded delusion?)

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[Image above comes from http://ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.com/2014/07/charles-hall-and-tall-white-ets.html]

This is a UFO account from the 1965-1967 time-frame, too complicated and bizarre for me to synopsize but it is interesting in its own way, involving entities designated as "tall whites."

Here are links to various sites dealing with the episode(s), which I submit for your "approval" (as Rod Serling use to say during the opening of The Twilight Zone):

From David Coote and Michael Salla:


From Warren P. Aston:


A YouTube video interview:


Google provides this from Michele Bugliaro Goggia at UFOpsi.com (2007), site no longer extant?:
What to make of such a tale?