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Saturday, February 25, 2017

A UFO assault and a Socorro repeat?

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In TRUE magazine’s Flying Saucers & UFOs Quarterly for Fall 1978 (pictured here)
There is an article by our pal Kevin Randle, on Page 28, entitled Jack Webb and His Television UFOs, which I’m not going to present a synopsis of here (for now) although it’s interesting, as usual with Kevin’s writings.

Rather, I’m going to provide some highlights from an unnamed author piece, on Page 22 ff., A Closer Look at Those UFO Occupants.

The article offers a few encounter stories, undated – a flaw that I use to incur – that strike me as intriguing, as the author gives a patina of hallucinatory explanation for most of them, one in particular…

… where a woman, Lyndia Morel, while driving home from work, observes a “bright yellow star” that followed her until she reached “the outskirts of [a] small town when the star showed up hovering in front of her, “a golden globe, completely covered with a honeycombed design. Near the top of the UFO as an oval window and she could see flashes of red, green and blue lights near the center of the object. A steady high pitched whine was coming from it.” [ibid, Page 27]

“Her amazement quickly turned to panic … she felt he was being pulled to [the UFO]. She wanted to run, to get away but couldn’t.” [ibid]

The car seemed to be “racing down the road, almost out of control. She was nearing the UFO and could see the window better. There was someone, something standing behind it …the UFO was as tall as a three story building …[but] Her eyes were riveted to the creature. Only an arm and part of the body was [sic] visible. She thought he [sic] was humanoid and standing at a central board of some kind. The body appeared darker than the face that was covered with loose, wrinkled skin. Two large, egg-shaped eyes angled across the forehead, but it was the dark pupils that gripped her attention …

“Panic closed in. [She] was sure that the UFO would capture her … The globe was so bright that she had to put up hand to shield her eyes.” [ibid]

She jumped from her car, ran to a nearby house, and pounded on the door, the UFO following her. The home owner, a George Beaudion [sic], awakened by her pounding opened the door, where he found her, screaming, “Help me. I’m not drunk. A UFO just tried to grab me.” It was 4:30 a.m., and hour after she had left a café.

“Beaudien [sic] called the police …The UFO shot away as the door had been opened. [ibid]

APRO apparently investigated the incident, concluding that Morel was telling the truth but the unnamed author attributes the account to an hallucination.

(There are similarities to the 1970 nurse Kendall case recalled here earlier.)

While the Morel story in intriguing, hallucinatory or not, another incident in the piece is even more interesting, and here it is:

“An Iowa farmer told investigators” that while working in his fields (1973/4 perhaps), “he saw a flash of light’ thinking it “was from an airplane” and he looked back to it from time to time. [op cit. Page 25]

But eventually he saw the object as it grew in size; it wasn’t an airplane.

It grew in size and had “a definite egg shape and just before it touched the ground, three legs grew from the bottom. A part on the lower left side [opened up?] and ‘some people’ got out … they walked around the UFO for several minutes …[before] they got back inside and the object took off.

“As the UFO blasted off, a blue flame shot from the bottom and the legs retracted. There was a slight roar as the ship shot into the sky. It disappeared rapidly … corn shocks were blown about as if caught in an incredible whirlwind but there was no burning …

“The creatures from the UFO were humanoid … They were wearing those one piece flying suits and the clothes were shiny, like they were made out of metal of some kind.” [ibid, Page 26, the italics are mine]

A Socorro-like observation or craft?


UFOs: The Madness of God and Science as the Anti-Christ

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Many of you know (or should) that when I’ve written about the death of God, I’m pointing out that I believe the Gnostic god, the demi-urge is the thing that has died, as it did not have an eternal existence.

I believe that there is an intelligence that underlies (or overlays, if you wish) existence, and one can call that intelligence God (and make it the meme for the omnipotent intelligence).

But my supreme intelligence is mad, insane even, and that insanity shows up in our existence, if one is paying attention.

UFOs are a means, one of many, to understanding (or seeing) the insanity that permeates the godhead, the supreme intelligence.

Science is another means to seeking the reality in which we find ourselves, but science turns reality -- truth – on its head, as when it insists that Darwinian evolution is without thought or design, just a haphazard, rambling process from which patterns, culture, creativity, and intelligence emerged.

A review in the current (March 9, 2017) issue of The New York Review of Books, by Thomas Nagel of From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel C. Dennett [Norton, 476 pp. $28.95] has me discombobulated.
The review and quotes from the author in his book are a muddle of thought, scientific and philosophical thought, even as the erudition of the author, philosopher Dennett is obvious.

What gets my goat is that science continues to see that there is an underlying intelligence permeating all that exists and has existed, a purpose for life, that purpose yet to be discerned as quantum mechanics shows us.

But science resorts to the idea that life has been a ramble that progressed by natural selection, which I accept.

However for me, there is a sine qua non to that natural selection, an essence that bubbles with madness, insanity….not chaos but a pattern of maliciousness that is inherent to all that lives or has lived, from the dinosaurs to humanity today.

And how do UFOs fit into all this?

UFOs, as I noted above, offer a means to see and understand the pattern of insanity that I think is the base of existence.

UFOs are not just enigmatic; they are examples of the schizophrenic underpinning that persists in inserting itself in existence.

The encounters of entities, the bizarre, mysterious behavior of UFOs, like quantum particles, show us that life is a mishmash or commonsense and meaning is elusive.

A book I often tout, Human Destiny by Lecomte du Noüy, presents a outline of the meaning of life, our purpose for being.
The book under review in NYRB takes us away from such an outline, as do many tomes, although there is a smidgen of change in scientific thinking about God and the point of our being, much stirred by Stephen Hawking.

Dennett writes that we humans are illusionary, and don’t understand that we are the “products of ‘bottom up’ design, understandable through the theory of evolution by natural selection, rather than ‘top down” design by an intelligent being.” [op cit. Page 32]

But a closer look at the machinations of sea life, plant life, animal life, and insect life, as I often note here, show us that something radically malevolent is intrinsic to that life, something that exceeds a mindless ramble that is natural selection.

And UFOs, one of many sources of insight, when looked at in depth and with a gestaltian view, shows us that reality is, in toto, mad, insane.

And that insanity is purposeful, full of intent, psychopathic, not chaotic or random.

The reviewer of philosopher Dennett’s book presents Dennett’s view on consciousness which I will eschew for this posting (but may attend to upcoming).

My point is that science continues to find proof of an underlying intelligence to life but leads us astray with its pronouncement(s) that an underlying intelligence has nothing do with natural selection or Darwinian evolution or anything else relative to our reality (quantum physics, the cosmos, et al.), the Big Bang being the greatest fiction foisted upon us.

While UFOs are a fringe study for ufological nerds, the topic is rife with examples that tell us something is amiss in the world, and it’s not only humans but everything that has existed and exists: creation is a madness, brought about by an insane intelligence and UFOs are but one aspect of that omnipotent insanity.