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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A few UFO accounts you may find interesting

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In the 1967 Dell Flying Saucers/UFO Reports for March/April (used for my previous posting here) there are a number of interesting even humorous tales of UFO encounters from John Keel [Page 57 ff.]

A December 21, 1964 event involved a gunsmith, Horace Burns. From Grottoes,Virginia.

Mr. Burns “told of seeing a huge object about 125 feet in diameter land near Highway 250. His car engine stalled … as the great metallic thing which looked like ‘an old fashioned bee hive’ settled in a field near the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center outside of Fisherville, Va. It had a bluish glow around its base … and remained on the ground for about 90 seconds. After [it flew] off … he was able to restart his car.” [Pages 57/58 of the magazine]

The Air Force allegedly visited the field where the object supposedly landed but the official report in Blue Book says the Air Force “had been unable to find ‘evidence that a vehicle had landed in the field.’” [Page 58]

On December 29, 1964, the radar installation at the Patuxent Naval Air Station, Maryland, “picked up two unidentified objects flying over the … Rappahannock River … traveling at 4,800 miles an hour and one of them performed a 180-degree turn in the space of five miles … The Navy passed their detailed report on to the Air Force for analysis, and in late January, 1965, the incident was explained as ‘false radar returns.’”
[ibid, Page 58]

“On February 1, 1965. a motorist in Salem, Va. Called the police and breathlessly told of seeing ‘a little green man’ on the outskirts of town. Four heavily armed policemen rushed to the scene and were taken aback when they saw a tiny glowing figure in a field. Approaching it cautiously, they surrounded it and arrested it at gunpoint, hauling it off triumphantly to the city hall. This little man turned out to be a collection of cardboard boxes covered with green cloth, with a half-gallon plastic jug for a head. A flashlight was mounted inside the jug to produce a glow….[ibid Haha, Page 60]

The Villas [sic] Boas case was covered as well as the Hill abduction (and Betty’s medical procedure), along with the Sagan/Shklovsky book Intelligent Life in the Universe, and this drawing, from England, of a flying disk, with nothing in the text, that I could see, about the  drawing.
(There are a few other fascinating accounts in the article that I may deal with upcoming.)


An induced fantasy or actual observation of a vibrant UFO (mothership?)

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In the second edition of the pictured magazine, from 1967, is an article Occupants: Yes or No? on Page 56 ff. with pieces by various writers, including John Keel, Irving Greenfield, and others without bylines.

The opening, non-bylined salvo recounts an experience from APRO files by a 14 year-old boy who had a “consuming interest in aircraft,” was not interested in publicity, refused to give his name, did not try to capitalize on his experience, and was, in no way, a UFO enthusiast.

The boy, with his nephew, were “playing in the front yard of the nephew’s home in Pinellas Park, Fla., at 9:20 in the evening of November 10, 1966 when they saw a cigar-shaped object come out of a cloud and move toward them … They ran inside the house, the younger boy to hide in a closet, the older youth to phone his mother.” [Page 57 of magazine]

The 14 year old “described the object as red when it sped in, changing to bluish-white as it slowed and glowing with the intensity of mercury vapor light … It hovered in a horizontal position … and at the same time, several smaller objects moved in from the north and east, each about 10x20 feet, a fifth the size of the larger craft. These smaller UFOs looked white from a distance, but turned light blue as they neared the ‘mother ship’ [sic].”

“Suddenly a ‘bunch of hatches opened like remote-controlled garage doors’ on the large object and the smaller objects … would enter the hatches one at a time, edge first, right side up. As one entered, that hatch would close and a second would open to receive another object.

“Seven of these objects came from the east and entered the ‘mother ship’ [sic] on the east. Three objects came from the north and entered on the west side. The large craft remained in a horizontal position, north to south … except on one occasion when it went into a vertical position and one of the smaller craft entered from the top. ‘The Captain,’ the sighter suggested.” [This characterization is interesting, RR]

The boy went on to say that “he had seen what looked like clear portholes on the craft and when the hatches opened there was evidence of fluorescent light from the inside,” exclaiming “Boy, I’d like to have seen inside of that.” [ibid, Page 57]

“The APRO investigator questioned the youth” who “had no doubt in his mind the UFOs were occupied. He definitely had the feeling that he was being watched and that he should not be watching the maneuver.” [Interesting, RR]

“… his mother suggested he go next door if he were frightened, [but] he expressed the fear that he might not be safe outside.” [ahem, RR]

The whole affair was thought to have taken “about seven minutes” the boy’s mother surmised, “basing this on a television show [she] she was watching when her son’s call came.” [ibid]

The youth pronounced “I want to forget it.” complaining “that his head itched. He had been sick shortly before the incident.”

A drawing of the thing(s) seen by the boy:
Nothing from the nephew, who hid in a closet?