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Monday, March 06, 2017

Civilization(s): Unique to Earth

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The National Geographic channel (network) premiered a program about the origins of humankind.
The first episode, 3/6/2017, accented the rise of civilizations, here on Earth. And anyone who saw the program would see a vindication for my views that civilization, as know it, cannot, would not, arise on any other planet in the universe.

The show told about the rise of man, and his progress by discovering and using fire.
With a segment on the origination in China of gunpowder and a capsule account of the great London fire of 1666, one can only conclude that it’s the historical vicissitudes on our planet that created the various unique civilizations that have arisen and fallen here.
That another species on another planet coming to fruition in the same way as we humans, creating civilizations, as we know them, is as farfetched as any idea I can think of.

For scientists to say that they are looking for Earth-like planets with civilizations shows a delusional thought process that mimics anthropomorphic wishful thinking of a pathetic kind.

Yes, species on planets in the cosmos can arise, miraculously, as humans did here, but that they would come to our backwater planet in craft that is not that dissimilar to our own, from civilizations like ours is science fiction of a tepid kind.

UFOs are not interplanetary ships containing human-like beings, inquisitive about the flora and fauna found here.

It’s ludicrous.

N.B. Painting of London fire (above) by unknown artist comes from Wikipedia


Madness and UFOs and madness, generally

A visitor to this blog (and a UFO aficionado too I think), Theo Paijmas indicated, in a comment or two for a previous post here, that he’s befuddled by my approach to the UFO topic.

I feigned surprise.

I’ve noted Theo a while back as a highly intelligent member of the internet generation.

Yes, I am taken aback by the fact that he hasn’t seen all my postings here (and elsewhere) which make clear that my main concern is madness in humanity, now and since time immemorial.

I don’t think I could have been any clearer about my views, in toto, or as they relate to UFOs, considering my posted titles for the past eleven years at various blogs and especially this one.

The UFO phenomenon intrigues because it remains an enigma after many years and much study by persons who find the phenomenon fascinating.

But underlying (or overlaying may be the better word) is a kind of madness, a subtle form of insanity that permeates the topic, reports about it, and resides within the study of it known as “ufology.”

My view(s) of the behavior of “ufologists” and those who think they’ve seen a UFO is steeped in the idea that a mental qlitch, a neurological malfunction perhaps, is at the root of UFO lore, a madness that has taken hold of UFO believers and UFO skeptics alike.

I have tread rather lightly when addressing my particular UFO crowd, those who visit and comment here, but I think them all a little off-kilter, as am I, when it comes to UFOs.

None of us has a clue as to what the damn things are, but we persist in addressing them as if they matter, and they don’t, in the great scheme of things as I told Theo and recently noted in a piece here.

UFOs are a kind of hobby of mine, and also a kind of past-time for many of you, as Kandinsky mentioned the other day here (in a comment).

That people get worked up about the ephemeral things interests me, more than the things themselves.

Discerning visitors here (like Tim Hebert) knows this I think.

I try and select items that provide a patina that shows what I think about UFOs and the people who exploit them or find them interesting.

Theo left a comment suggesting that I eschew things that (seemingly) matter and have an inordinate concern with UFOs that indicate a kind of madness on my part, and he is not wrong, just unaware that I’ve made that personal point often here and that I have other blogs and sites where I contend with things more rational than UFOs, like news media that I deal with at a number of internet venues and which is adumbrated at one of my Facebook pages.

CDA was a little riled that I wrote here that UFOs were reported by, seen by, and interested in by the lower economic classes of society.

He thought I was over-generalizing but couldn’t bring himself to offer a counter balance to the obvious observation and data that UFO lore provides, making my case.

It’s that snatch of off-thinking that has encrusted the UFO topic since the late 1940s and continues apace now.

And now Theo Paijmans, a man of refinement and good taste, cultured more than most, doesn’t get the point of this blog or my UFO bafflement.

He thinks I’m playing loose with the topic when I’m actually getting at, or trying to, the idea that UFOs like everything else we humans contend with is riddled with or beset by the madness that afflicts mankind, and has since we arose from the ancient muck that cradled us, at the whim of an insane intelligence.


Our dear friend Martin Kottmeyer provided addendum to my piece about UFOs and the great unwashed

Hey Rich,

Re lower classes being favored in seeing ufos.  This was, in gist, but also in part, the finding of Donald Warren’s paper in Science back around the time of the Condon report: Donald  Warren, "Status Inconsistency Theory and Flying Saucer Sightings"  Science v.170  (6 November 1970) p. 137. 

He was using Gallup poll data in expectation of proving the utility of status inconsistency theory which, in essence, posited that people who were living outside the socioeconomic class expected (deserved) by their education and race were psychologically more stressed and so would see more ufos.  He sorted things by income, race, ufo belief acceptance, graphed the results and the biggest column was the one that showed “unrewarded” status inconsistency.

People who were white and well-educated, but poor nonetheless, were the ones who admitted to believing and seeing ufos.  Now the theory should also mean that people who were poorly educated, black, yet rich should equally be believers, but the graphs did not show that.  What to do – the unrewarded status inconsistency finding was undeniably statistically significant and that was good enough to publish.  Let others work out the right interpretation.

As with any single paper, one can think of a variety of interpretations of this.  Believers were content to mainly say the theory was obviously wrong and point to the all the wonderful pilots and well-endowed people of every job description they’d documented.  I feel the answer, though, is obvious when you look at other studies – the Pa scores in MMPI tests of experiencers.   It is paranoia. 

As Freud and many others have pointed out, paranoia was a function of thwarted ambition and shame – not living up to the expectations of one’s parents, peers, and society in general creates sensitivity, a sense of persecution and judgment, and a mind always defending itself and trying to explain what went wrong – conspiracies and such.  If one grew up with low expectations but got rich anyways, well, no shame in that is there? 

Why would you see ufos, threats, put-downs?  You asked the question – this is one answer.

As ever,

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides his theory (explanation) of the UFO phenomenon

Let us try to explain what are the basic principles of the DISTORTION THEORY (DT). One of the main points to be clarified, before starting, is that DT does not defend that the UFO phenomenon has a purely psychological, sociological or hallucinatory origin, all contrary, it is PRODUCED, in the first instance, by the INTERACTION / COMMUNICATION OF AN EXTERNAL AGENT UNKNOWN (UAE), INTELLIGENT AND INDEPENDENT TO THE HUMAN BEING, with a witness that describing experiences with UFOs. To achieve its objectives, the EAU "CONNECTS" with the psyche of the observers to "extract", from the individual and exclusive unconscious of them, intellectual material (found in hobbies, culture, cinema, literature, etc.). The purpose of MANUFACTURING / PROJECTING an FICTION ALIEN VISITATION (for example, landing of a flying saucer and its occupants).
What exactly does the EAU do after "contacting" the witnesses' psyche? After obtaining illustrative and graphic details of the unconscious of the testimony, such as the form of a rocket he saw on a television program, the helmet he used on his motorcycle, or a striking illustration of a clothing he read over in a magazine, EAU, projects a "three dimensional image", but containing in its "aesthetic" the elements "stolen" from the psyche of the witness, but, distorted (Modified / altered). In this way, the observer will see a UFO with the distorted form of the television rocket, from which descend humanoids, with a type of distorted distortion from the helmet of the motorcycle, or wearing an outlandish dress that the witness has seen in The drawing of the magazine (sometimes only find a detail distorted clearly, but can be several as in this example). The beings and the aircraft, contributed by the united "creativity" of the EAU and the witness, are included in a "modifiable base" (a UFO landing), a template mode, which is also contributed by the EAU and Later elaboration of the whole experience. Therefore, it is logical that the descriptions of the occupants of the flying saucers as well as the ones of the own aircraft, contain nuances as diverse and different, in size, colors and forms, from one event to another, Impossible to confront and label, and that come together in a crazy and endless list of alleged aliens and spaceships. Since this is a highly "creative" process, practically infinite in results and possible variants, determined by the participation of the psyche of the observers, as singular, unpredictable and unrepeatable components, in this case, "the extraterrestrial visitor" and "Flying saucer", can suffer all kinds of variations, combinations and alterations typological, morphological or anatomical based on the unconscious information of the witnesses.
But, UFOs leave traces, cause witness damage, are detected on the radar screens, how does this explain the Theory of Distortion? Occasionally, the projections created by the EAU may contain "MATERIA" (which causes projected elements to have corporeity and can produce prints, burns, footsteps, etc.) to make the observers believe that they are witnessing, in situ, the Disembarkation of an extraterrestrial aircraft. The projection CAN BE OBSERVED BY MORE PEOPLE and behaves as if all the elements put into play by the EAU were really there; Humanoids, ship, lights, etc. Moving and acting as independent beings with their own apparent intelligence. A perfect and complete recreation, in each and every one of its exposed details. Even the witness can touch the elements of the scene represented.
Although in many cases the projection lacks matter (or only it possesses at certain moments), and that is why there are a lot of puzzling and "inexplicable" effects during some UFO encounters: the landing leaves no traces, the ship traverses objects Or poles of the electric line) without producing noises or movements, very few marks are registered on the ground, etc. In addition, the projection can be detected on the radar screens and  the "energies" put into operation by the EAU can be  caused different effects on the witnesses, such as burns, blindness, dizziness, vomiting, etc.)
What happens to the projection when the UFO experience ends? At no time (or before, not during, or after their encounter) is the witness aware that many of the "ingredients" of that scenery (ship form, morphology of beings, behavior, special details, etc.). ) Have been "unearthed" from their own unconscious, but incorporated into the projection of FORM "DISTORTED"  so that they are not recognizable. Therefore, it is obvious if when it is a projection, NOTHING of what happened during the UFO experience is due to an empirical reality, nor does it have a physical continuity in our universe after the encounter is over. That is, the humanoids, the ship and the actions recorded during the experience DO NOT HAVE A REAL EXISTENCE, beyond their projection in the face of witnesses. Simply because nothing of the represented EXISTS outside of the illusion created for the momentary occasion. It is a kind of "film" projected before the eyes of the observers. And just like the characters in a film does not have an extension when the footage ends.
What is the external agent unknown? Probably, none of the physical aspects or actions that the EAU exposes in its multiple erratic manifestations before human beings (Marian apparitions, phantoms, apparitions, cryptozoological beings, UFOs, etc.) is a reflection of their true appearance or purpose. And by implying the "construction" of these manifestations involving a person, it is natural that they contain unique and non-transferable details that will not be repeated in another UFO encounter.
But, who or what is the External Agent Unknown? The EAU can be some kind of PARASITIC ENERGY  that needsthe human beliefs, or the interaction with people to "feed" or "subsist." It is quite possible that the EAU is the INSTIGATOR of many myths and folklore present in mankind and has used different masks and clothing to appear to mankind over the centuries. Although this "camouflage" is not synonymous with a clever and great psychic manipulation. The EAU using the unconscious contents of the witnesses, it is obvious that the his manifestations have to be SYNCHRONIC to the interests, Thoughts, imaginary and advances of the time. Nor can it be ruled out that, on occasion, the EAU is limited to using local folklore or latent beliefs in society for its own "benefit", developing them in their eventual contacts with witnesses.
Does the EAU influence with its manifestations in the events or in the becoming of the human beings? The EAU uses continuous SUBTERFUGE and TRICKS in its different contacts with humanity and does not seem to want to influence in a veiled way, or make great social, political changes, nor does it seem to show the slightest interest in the future of the human species. The EAU, although apparent to the contrary, does not pretend, under any concept, the transmission of some type of scientific or philosophical message, beyond the knowledge developed by the human being himself in a process that, in reality, is a "feedback" of information. If in any particular case, visitors have interceded or communicated some type of message that has significantly interfered in the future of the witness and its environment, it is because this information was already buried in the unconscious of the person affected by the contact. They could be termed as "side effects" or "epiphenomena" (an accessory phenomenon accompanying the main phenomenon and having no influence on it) of the "contacts", but which in themselves are not the essential objective of the experiences. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, the influence of this type of experience on the lives of observers is rather superfluous and devoid of special significance in a field beyond the personal. It should be borne in mind that, due to pure statistics, due to the existence of a large number of UFO episodes, there is no doubt that the possibility that some of these encounters with the EDA may lead to some kind of change / interference with greater repercussion in The witness or his environment is viable. But it is only a consequence of the presence of a certain person (with great imaginative potential, creative, social, political, business, etc.) that had that information to develop.
Why  many UFOs close encounters contain elements absurd and illogical? The three-dimensional projection tutored by the EAU is "produced" by an "unknown mechanism", but in its development uses a process similar to that of dreams where images and sensations are interlaced and presented in iconographic form. Therefore, as in human dream experiences, the absurd factor or inconsistencies are very present in close encounters with UFOs, but that, controlled at all times by the EAU (which acts as the " Director "of a" movie ") so as not to go too far from the pre-set script of the Alien Visitation. Under this paradigm, these illogical pieces, considered by many researchers as characteristic and revealing elements of the undecipherable UFO phenomenon, show their true and naked meaning. They are simply a consequence of the complex mental process arising from the "symbiosis" of the human mind and the EAU, for the creation of projections. Evidence per se of human mental involvement in the creation of disconcerting experiences.
This is the synthesis of the Theory of Distortion.