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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

An ET shot (and J. Allen Hynek had the details)?

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The magazine (pictured), Probe the Unknown, for Spring 1974 had a number of interesting articles, including an extensive take on the Hickson/Parker Pascagoula abduction, authored by Hayden Hewes, plus a profile of Stanton Friedman in his younger, more relaxed days, and an account of John Schuessler’s UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis, and a few photographs, taken on October 3, 1973 (by a Louisville electronics engineer while on tour of a wildlife preserve):
Then there was a longish piece about (and from) J. Allen Hynek (by Dennis Waite), in which I read an interesting bit (on pages 29/30):
The incident related took place “in North Dakota in the fall of 1961” and involved four men (two of whom “held military security clearances”):

“It was late at night, a cold, bitter evening. It had been raining intermittently turning to sleet, when the four men, who were driving at the time, noticed a craft land in an open field.

“Thinking that a plane had made an emergency landing because of he weather, the four men  … stopped [and] rushed to the aircraft, hopping over a fence on their way.

“What they saw was a downed craft, but one resembling no plane or vehicle they had seen before. ‘Humanoids’ were around the object and one menacingly waved the men away.

“At that point … one of the men took a shot at a creature. It fell to the ground, apparently hurt.”  [Page 30, bold print and italics mine]

The author wrote that the incident appears in Hynek’s book The UFO Experience.”

I have Hynek’s UFO Report book but not the one cited.

I’m wondering if someone might look at their copy of the Experience book to see if there was more to the story, like what happened then, or if there was any kind of denouement.

The magazine piece ended the account with “It fell to the ground, apparently hurt.”