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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Consciousness: The Materialism Quagmire (and Quantum Mechanics)

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Two new books today, confirming, for me, Ufology is a pseudo-religion

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The books, pictured, add sustenance to my view that Ufology is or has become a religion for many UFO buffs and UFO skeptics too.

The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena could be published as The Encyclopedia of Ufological Phenomena and the content would work just as well.

The physics book by Dave Goldberg [Ph.D.], a professor and director of undergraduate studies at Drexel University, acts as an exegetical counter to the belief substrate in the religious encyclopedia and its faux cousin, the ufological phenomena encyclopedia.

The material in the religious encyclopedia offers an overview of all the various religions extant, those that are real religions and those that are merely cults.

The physics-oriented book offers a genuine view of the mysteries of the universe that confront physicists, some of which I will present here upcoming.

UFO buffs, a few who visit here, are doused in a belief system about UFOs (that they are ET craft or that disclosure of an alien visitation is imminent, like the Second Coming of Christ) which has all the earmarks of religious belief, fanatic and otherwise.

Physicists, as loopy as they can sometimes be, hold back, usually, from accepting anything as a final truth, especially when it comes to workings of physical laws, particularly those in quantum mechanics.

There is no firm belief inside real physicists, real scientists.

While in ufology there are those who are hardcore believers and those who are fervent UFO atheists. (Need I name them?)

Each operating within the same kind of parameters that make up theology or religious belief.

I’ll have more about all this, of course, as staunch believers of anything, pro or con, get my goat.